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A weekend in the city – November 2014

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It’s early Sunday morning in the Big Smoke. I spent the day yesterday at the Gateways of the Mind conference and gave a talk called ‘A Matter of Spirit.’ It was a really fascinating day for me, listening to other speakers, meeting new seekers who are dedicated to waking up using a variety of different practices. It’s always good to get this cross pollination of ideas and practice and I found the day very fascinating indeed. It was great to get the seated audience up and moving too and to have the opportunity to add the ingredient of the moving body as a gateway to consciousness. A big thank you to Alex Hanly and Rachel Morris who were there supporting me and helping to run our little stall.

I’ll be on my way back home tonight to the wide open spaces and clean air of Dartmoor. Another busy week this week with an all day meeting with Staff and Pathfinders on Tuesday and two days of a First Aid update course before I head off to Hamburg to teach a new workshop called Dare to Dream. The flier says: ‘The workshop will focus on the yin and yang of the dance and the art of manifesting one’s dreams, both on the personal level (i.e. the practicalities of life such as work and money) and the sacred level (i.e. the meaning of our lives, who we are and what we are here for).’ Sounds good to me! Contact Jens ( +49 40 729 100 61) if you want to join us.

Susannah has been teaching in Warsaw this weekend. I’ve been touched by the posts on our Facebook page celebrating Adam Barley’s 21 years of teaching movement and the sense of maturity that allows those of us who teach different practices within the Conscious Dance field to celebrate each others work and honour the diversity that has emerged over the years from those early pioneers such as Martha Graham, Anna Halprin and Gabrielle Roth. I want to hold up the flame to those who came before us and thank them for the work they did. It’s such a good feeling to be moving beyond petty tribalism to a mutually supportive mindset that recognises that as a species, we basically need all the help we can get if we are to wake up and pass life on in a good way to the generations who will follow.

However it is you will move today, may you be blessed by shoes full of feet and lungs full of breath and the wonder of this marvels opportunity to be a human being in a body on the magnificent and mysterious journey called life.