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Movement Medicine Community

The Movement Medicine community includes a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds. What brings us together is the wish to live life deeply, be as creative as possible, make our contribution, and dance!

There are people just starting on a journey of self-awareness and beginning to make their offering. And there are those who’ve been on this journey for a long time. Though you are obviously free to come and go as you please, we are into long-term relationships. Our intention is that the various ways you can be in touch with each other will support you in your own life and in your offering to the world.

The Movement Medicine community includes everyone who has ever danced Movement Medicine and who wants to participate on any level with Movement Medicine as it evolves. It is not a closed group. You don’t have to sign up to any creed or believe in anything. We’re into direct experience.

Core Values

There are some core values that are inherent to Movement Medicine:

– Everyone is of value and has something unique to offer.

– Life is precious.

– Love is the path, though not always an easy one.

– Kindness, communication and responsibility are keys to growing a community that supports each of us to grow into who we really are.

In our experience, Movement Medicine and what we sometimes call ‘the spirit of the dance’ are big enough to hold you as you are and strong enough to support you to become all that you can. And that’s the intention of all this:

“Be Who You Are and Give What You’ve Got!”
That’s what the Movement Medicine community stands for.

As a dynamic and ever-changing community, we do not all necessarily agree with all of the above, and we certainly do not all always manage to realise these intentions, but this is the ground on which we dance together.

Get connected!

You can participate in the Movement Medicine community through:

– Our lively Facebook group

– Participating in webinars, classes or workshops

– Attending the Long Dance and making your give-away

Apprenticing and becoming a Movement Medicine Practitioner

Professional Training

The strength of this community arises from a commitment to honest and real relationships, dancing deep and working together to make a difference.

The Movement Medicine Association website is where you will find all trained and registered Movement Medicine Teachers and Facilitators.