Movement Medicine Teachers Worldwide link
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Centres where we work

Waldhaus Centre – Residential centre in Switzerland
Rill Estate – Residential centre in Devon, UK
– Residential centre in Belgium
Earth Spirit Centre – Residential centre in Somerset, UK

Movement Medicine Sites

Movement Medicine Association
Andrea Rainer – Movement Medicine in Austria
Basira Elvira Oosterling – Movement Medicine in the Netherlands
Caroline Carey – Alchemy in Movement, Devon
Christian de Sousa – Dancing Tao, London
Cyrill Chantereau – Movement Medicine in France
Dance Scapes – Movement Medicine in Devon Movement Medicine in Europe (FA, UK, NL most specifically but not only)
Karuna Events – School of Movement Medicine in the Netherlands
Katriona Forrester – School of Movement Medicine Organiser and teacher in Switzerland
Kristin Glenewinckel – School of Movement Medicine Organiser and teacher in Switzerland
Lets Move – Movement Medicine in France
Marold Emmelkamp – Movement Medicine in the Netherlands
Matthias Axelsen – Movement Medicine in Denmark
Megumi Miyata – Movement Medicine in Japan
Movement Medicine DE – Event page of the German speaking countries
Movement Medicine Berlin – Berlin region
Nina Jutting – Movement Medicine in Germany
Northern Movement Medicine – Movement Medicine in north of England and Scotland
Poland Movement Medicine – Movement Medicine organiser and teacher in Poland
Petra Bongartz (Moving into Connection)– Movement Medicine Teacher and Facilitator in South Africa and internationally
Sari Veuglers – Movement Medicine teacher in the Netherlands
Sven Ullman – Movement Medicine teacher in Germany
Véronique Champalou – Movement Medicine teacher in France and French Switzerland

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Other sites you may be interested in

Chris Luttichau – Northern Drum – Workshops in traditional shamanism
David Kellett – Osteopath and Franklin Method Teacher
Circle of Flowers – Contemporary shamanism site run by Duncan Wordley
Charlie Morley – Lucid Dreamer teacher
Coaching in Nature – Hans Nusink in the Netherlands
Dance Miracles – Sahaja in Japan
East West Centre – Belgium
Edgar Spieker – Hamburg
Elaine Swords – Energetyc Medicine
English on Dartmoor – English for Adults (small groups)
Harmonic Inspirations – website of Laura Valenti, UK
Linda Karuna Marx – nutrition therapy, body awareness and ayurvedic yoga massage, Ebsen, Germany
Maja Mühlbauer – Dance Therapist (ITA®) & Psychological Healing Practitioner, Munich, Germany
Naked Voice – Chloë Goodchild voice website
Qigong Southwest – Qigong in south-west England
Riamond Mauch – Mantras and chants, Germany
Sandra Smith – Voice work, south Devon, UK
Sura Detox – Full detox course in Devon
TaKeTiNa – Rhythm education for evolution, healing and spirituality
Uta Lowack – Applied astrology and healing work, Berlin
WildWise – Inspiring outdoor events in nature, Devon
Xenia Berndt – Healing Insight Guidance, Exmouth and Exeter, south-west England

5 rhythms sites you may be interested in

5rhythms-Czech – 5Rhythms, Czech Republic
Amala Petra Hoecklin
 – 5 Rhythms, Stuttgart
Amelie Schweiger – 5 Rhythms, France
Andrea Juhan – 5 Rhythms Centre for Therapeutic Study
Anne Geerts – 5 Rhythms, Belgium
Atmo Lars Lindvall – 5Rhythms, Switzerland
Caitríona Nic Ghiollaphadraig – 5 Rhythms, Ireland
David Rose – Soul Wave, south-west England
 – 5 Rhythms, Germany
Emma Leech – 5 Rhythms, London
Hega Gabrielson – 5 Rhythms, Norway
Gabriela & Michael Kuhn – 5 Rhythms, Hamburg
Gay Murphy – 5 Rhythms, London
Israeli 5Rhythms Website
Jonas Kilngsberg – 5 Rhythms, Sweden
Oya Moore – 5 Rhythms, Spain
Petra Cegla – 5 Rhythms, Sylt
Petra Woschny-Lautner – 5 Rhythms, Berlin
Rachel Kurtz – 5 Rhythms, north-east England
Sahaja Kurashima – 5 Rhythms, the Netherlands
Scottish 5 Rhythms

Sue Rickards – A Call to Dance, 5 Rhythms, London
Sue Kuhn 
– 5 Rhythms, Bath
Terra Nova – 5 Rhythms, the Netherlands
Willers de Dreu – 5 Rhythms, the Netherlands