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The impact of the work on me was deep and profound and vitalising. I have regained a delightful bounce to my spirit and it has imbued my evolving with a richer sense of meaning. The completeness of the aftercare information; offered several trajectories and reminders which continue to yield and assist with growing in this modern age. Kaliana Damis - Dancer - Manchester

One of the most enriching workshops I have ever attended. The deep knowing that we are all leaders is in itself of vital importance. Particularly for those of us dreamers prone to question for too long what our actual offering is. Embodied Leadership took things to a whole new level of understanding. Synchronicity is truly a wonderful thing. The weekend unfolded like a fine tapestry. Each dancer contributing their gift to the whole. The balance of verbal exchange and movement felt perfectly aligned. Our bodies becoming fluid, finely tuned instruments for words and sound to come through and be expressed. Deep listening is not an easy thing in our emerging, ever evolving multiverse planet. Neither is partnership in a world that is rushing within and around us. What became obvious for me is that both are needed now. More strongly than ever before. I feel deeply nurtured, nourished and increasingly hopeful after this workshop that all is possible. Ask and you shall receive.Christina Masterman - on Embodied Leadership and Co-creation
From the deepest part of my heart I have to thank you. The workshop gave me a very important key. I have always struggled with my energy from far out of one side to far out to the other side. So I have thought that to keep me in balance I shall always stay in the middle. And then I have asked myself why I am never happy and feel bored. And when you gave me the answer Jaguar and Butterfly, at last I got a tool to allow me to embrace all these energies and how to use it in all differnt stages,shapes and to let them out instead of telling myself that they are not allowed. What a difference! Now I begin to understand what balance is. It is not about – or + it is to embrace all of my energies and give it shapes.Micaela Axelson Helsingborg Sverige - Sweden 2018
I would like to thank for the workshop last weekend in Prague. Its been for the first time in my life when I was able to dance without alcohol and without any barriers …. At the same time, it was spiritual experience with the longest overlap into everyday life I have ever experienced. Even now I still feel the power pulsing in my body, and I manage everyday things in the same easy way like in the dance, even things which I considered they will take lots of effort.Andrej Bulejko (Slovakia), managing director of construction company June 2018
It is true joy to be held and deeply supported by Ya´Acovs warrior passion to empower people in relationship with money and creativity. He is a master transformer of suffering around money into solid creative enjoyment. I am surprised once more how much energy there is to receive and offer when the moving body becomes an open channel.Maria Edit Antal - 2017
I remember I first experienced your work in the great barn at The No mind festival in Sweden. All I knew about you was that you were leading dance classes. And that afternoon you were guiding more than 500 people into such a sublime space…At one point I swear we were all lifting off flying together in pure light, and I remember I thought that this man .. this man is a shaman. I bow. And I celebrate your new book. I am looking forward to reading it.Chameli Ardagh
The prices are fair, they reflect the high quality of the medicine that is being offered and the work that has gone in to creating it. From what I see and have experienced is that both Susannah and Ya’Acov work their asses off consistently for years and years, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge and it is really clear that they take time and care in mindfully constructing the courses. What they offer is exceptional. I attended psychotherapies for over a decade to try to heal childhood traumas and had paid out thousands. There were places in me that talk therapy could not reach. My experience is that Movement Medicine, if I allow it, reaches all aspects of my being. It has brought me much freedom, growth and healing and is helping me navigate in my life in ways I never would have dreamt possible. I too don’t earn much, but, it comes together. One step at a time. Don’t underestimate loved ones willingness to step in and help out when they see you fully committed to following your path. I wish you all the best on your journey.Amanda Cullen, artist 2017
On a human level, I am always very grateful to meet a man who seems to have failed at least as succeeded as often in human life and shares what he has learned from it. Matthias Denk, Switzerland May 2016
Movement Medicine in Ljubljana (with Ya’Acov) was not the escape from my real life for a weekend. The experience with the Movement Medicine is so tangible, so real and powerful, that it smoothly overflows in my everyday life, it does not change anything but changes my attitude towards everything. Mojca Kovačič, ethnomusicologist
I feel compelled to express again my gratitude to you all for creating the space you did so that my life could be profoundly changed forever. My journey continues and is getting stronger all the time. I call that strength, capacity. The capacity to not only go further and further into the realm of infinite possibilities but especially my capacity to share this gift with others. It is overwhelming at times how things are changing as it is a vast territory that I am unfamiliar with, but none the less, I am loving it. Thanks for all you do and know that you are making a huge difference in the universe.Steve Torneten, Transformational Speaker, Trainer & Coach
The Apprentice Teacher and Facilitator journey has been an exploration of how to create the conditions where others can access the opportunity to become more fully themselves, supported by the beauty of movement, music, embodiment, mindfulness, imagination and an engaged heart.Margaret Davies, Social Care Management Consultant
I found it so great, that you made us really think and dance and write to concrete further steps in our life, making conclusions to carry on into our future life. This is what is sometimes missing in workshops I have been to, and for me it made these days and what I take with me especially powerful.Miriam Schmitt

My heart and soul are touched and moved profoundly by what your offerings bring into my body, my understanding, my being, my heart, my memories. I am surprised again and again by what veils are ready to lift and what shifts are possible, beginning with our personal shifts, which we can then take out into the world, into our relations, into our being here as awake and responsible humans.Hanna Richter, Yoga and movement teacher

The gift of my journey so far is the returning feeling of embodiment: of body, heart and mind connected, which finds expression in presence and happiness.Andrea Rainer, Yoga teacher, Movement Medicine teacher
Movement Medicine brings meditation and movement into one. If mindfulness meditation is about knowing what’s happening as it’s happening without judgement, then if, as our bodies move, we can maintain awareness without judging the dance or the dancer, we can be said not only to be mindful, but to be meditating as we dance.Charlie Morley, Lucid dreaming teacher
…and then the way you live shamanism … deep respect. I have always felt a bit strange with people who claim to be ‘a shaman priest in seven indigenous traditions’ or the like. It feels a bit strange to have to boast about this. I just love to hear you speaking about the tree of life, grandfather sun and the eight directions. For me, when I heard you for the first time, this became suddenly something ordinary, simple, tangible and I don’t need to be a certified rainforest shaman but I can remain an anveshi and still feel, hear, see, smell and touch the ‘other side’. An ordinary relationship with life.Anveshi Bo, Professional translator
What impresses me most about Susannah and Ya’acov is the irresistable sensation that they really live their work. It has a dynamism and an integrity that can only flow from the willingness – and the courage – to use their own lives as a research laboratory for their teaching. What this offers to their students is tremendous freshness and real honesty, together with the feeling that change is always possible. Add their sharp eyes and their quick wit and the result can be electrifying.Christopher Sheppard, Film-maker

Through your work I experience a fascinating, rich and extraordinary tapestry, which seems to hold, encourage and weave together all of the experiences, ‘realities’ and endless layers and possibilities of being, as spiritual and human being here on this earth, interconnected with and in relation to all other energies of spirit and matter that surround us.Hanna Richter, Yoga and movement teacher

Through my study with Ya’Acov and Susannah, I have been able to play my cello in a way I never thought would be possible for me. The rhythms have helped me strip away things that have held me back and I have achieved and learnt specific things that my profession would say were impossible after the age of 20.Matthew Barley, Internationally renowned cellist
My experiences on the dance floor re-wire my brain, and shape my wider life, helping me to be a better mother, partner, social worker, manager, friend gardener – everything!Margaret Davies, Social Care Management Consultant
I feel so deeply grateful to you both for your teachings, holding, encouragement, witnessing, guiding, love, vulnerability, juicy fieryness, and for being such inspirations in the way you both individually are.Sarah Davies, Sculptor
It was so wonderful meet you after three years…and you know what…you have changed amazingly. I haven’t seen you so happy before. Actually I haven’t seen anyone so happy before. Happy and in a complete harmony with destiny, mission, path or however you call it. You become so powerful… just your presence is powerful. And I can see a huge change in your teaching. My experience of this workshop was that it wasn’t a workshop, it wasn’t a method, it wasn’t your teaching – it was space in which healing was happening. There was a healing there wasn’t a teacher. Amazing and very deep. And another  healing thing is … you’re so positive in your attitude to life. It’s infectious 😉 It’s powerful. It’s inspiring. I love it. Thank you for everything.Olga, Dance movement therapist, Warsaw
Susannah’s particular magic is woven from the braiding of what appear to be opposites: humour and seriousness, freedom and discipline, care and clarity, seeing the whole and noticing each part, attention to each individual and creation of community, spaciousness and the boundaries needed to dance into it. We live in a world full of words that are often meaningless. Susannah is worth listening to.Mark Boylan, Social and Education Researcher
Ya’Acov, thank you for a truly mind-blowing experience over the weekend. It doesn’t happen often that my mind is blown into somewhat stillness, allowing for such a tangible connection to Spirit, and for that I feel truly privileged to have shared this experience… You led me / us on a very beautiful journey and I accessed realms far more acutely than I have ever accessed on the dance floor before.Nicole Stouyannides, South Africa, February 2015
For millennia, Shamans have explored subtle realities and co-existing landscapes for answers to questions and healings. If you’re planning to take one of these journeys, then you’d better make sure that you have an expert guide with you. Ya’Acov Darling Khan is such a guide. A familiar traveller in these worlds, you’ll be safely guided by his unseen hand. There and back – bolder and wiser.John Sellars, Information technology consultant
Alchemy of Stillness was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life with all its dances.  I feel both lost and excited and really peaceful with that.  My heart is open, my feet are on the ground and I’m ready to greet the world a changed man.  Ya’Acov held the group securely with humour, tenderness and intense wisdom,  both profound and mundane, a real exponent of practical Shamanism.  Alchemy left me wanting to carry on exploring the chambers of my heart with compassion and courage.  A truly worthwhile experience.Andrew Hassenruck, Film editor