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The Story of the School

Susannah and Ya’Acov: “When we look back over our journey of dance and personal transformation, we can see that the seeds of The School of Movement Medicine were planted many, many years ago.

After training with Gabrielle Roth (5Rhythms) in 1989, we began teaching and in 1996 we set up The Moving Centre School UK, the hub for Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms in Europe. We ran The Moving Centre School for ten years where we worked with thousands of people from different countries, different backgrounds, each with different reasons to dance. Many students asked us to train them to become teachers, something we were not consciously considering.

Throughout this time we observed that what was flowing through us in our practice and when we taught was also affecting us on deeper and deeper levels. We began to receive visions of a shamanic nature that mapped out a way to live the most creative and fulfilling existence.

It was when we were in Peru in 2005, apprenticed to two Amazonian shamans, that we received Movement Medicine as a body of work. It was clear that inherent within the maps of the mandala, there was a potent curriculum for human development and training, and it was clear that this was best offered through the structure of a school.

We left 5Rhythms in 2006 in order to set up our own school. On 10 January 2007, The School of Movement Medicine came into being and since then, we have been working with people around the globe.

The School is committed to share Movement Medicine with the public and to be a training school of excellence for those wishing to train professionally in Movement Medicine.

In the practice of teaching we have found working with the Movement Medicine mandala to be an effective tool and one that we continue to discover and refine in our own practice. We’ve seen amazing personal and collective transformation happen in students and it’s a privilege to be part of that.”