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Bringing the Medicine Home

Bringing the Medicine Home

The ongoing process of bringing the medicine home can be a challenge. We will work with the maps of the body-heart-mind over the past-present-future to clear emotional blocks and sabotaging beliefs to clear the way to strengthen the bridge between the AP vision and your day to day life.

This module is an opportunity to explore:

  • Thought patterns that can sabotage your efforts to bring the medicine alive in your day to day life.
  • Explore your understudies and conflicting commitments that can sabotage our efforts to bring alive and integrate the work back home. Having harvested this important wisdom we will practice the Seer process to transform these patterns, you will take home a 20 minute version of the Seer process as a resource for your ongoing journey.
  • You will also support each other in this exploration through the strong, clear Insight Council developed by Mark Boylan to bring witnessing and support for this work.
  • Emotional states of being that get in the way or stop you from bringing the medicine home.
  • Explore the maps of the heart to bring more awareness to emotional blocks that may be holding you back or creating unsustainable push which can sabotage your efforts to really land the transformative work of the Apprenticeship. We will dance deeply with the chambers of the heart to bring movement and support to release emotional blocks and befriend your emotions as a resource.We will bring this all into a deep Movement Medicine Mandala Ceremony for healing and dreaming to support the integration of this work and the ongoing landing home and growth of your AP journey.

This retreat is one of the electives for the Apprenticeship, beginning in 2016, and is only open to current or former Apprentices.

Cost: more info soon.