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The Gateway of the Heart

As practitioners of Movement Medicine the engaged, moving heart is essential to our being and becoming. This elective is an opportunity to become more familiar with the Chambers of the Heart and remind our beings that the awake, moving body is a strong, safe and versatile vessel for the heart.
We will explore this map in depth, finding the individual and collective resource and information in each of its chambers. Inviting permission and acceptance of all we are and all we find there, shadow and light. Remembering that the heart, like the earth, has many weather patterns. The heart, like the earth, has an understanding and ability to move through these patterns in the natural cycle of renewal.
Many of us have learnt to be afraid of the strength of our hearts and emotions, imagining that we are not able to move with all we feel. This often shows itself in our individual and collective response to grief. We will pay particular attention to this gateway reopening doors that have been closed. Reconnecting ourselves from the separation within us and between us and reclaiming the life force held here.
Fully inhabiting the body and including the emerging voice so we have access to our multi dimensional selves, we will learn about ourselves, each other and this vital Movement Medicine map.

This retreat is one of the electives for the Apprenticeship, beginning in 2016, and is only open to current or former Apprentices.

Cost: more info soon.

Forth coming date: 2019-April