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Yes, I’m Biased! – June 2017

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Dear All,
as I guess you know, Ya’Acov’s new book is about to come out into the world. Let me share a prediction with you. Once you pick it up, you’re not going to want to put it down. I imagine, it will blow your mind and blow your heart open too. And I own my bias; I am Ya’Acov’s wife.

It’s such a beautiful deep piece of work and I know it is going to fly its bright colours out into the world further than we have been able to reach before. Here in this early morning, I sit in our kitchen with the new book at my side, hearing the morning bird song, and I feel a deep silence and quietness. I feel this as the quiet, still moment before a big expansion. Through this beautiful book I feel that the message of embodied, engaged shamanism will be able to reach out wider than we have been able to reach before. Ya’Acov stands for this in his life, in Movement Medicine and now this energy is being shared with everyone through these deep, magical and everyday stories.

The people who have offered their quotes about their response to the book range from Sophie Dahl and Manda Scott to Christine Northrup, Lynne Twist, Daan Van Kampenhout and Viktor Sanchez. Wow. This range says it all. This is a book which has the possibility to reach a wide range of people throughout the world. I sense that this book will turn you on to the magic and possibility of your own life, giving you encouragement for your own way forward.

As our world rocks with each new onslaught of unresolved human pain, there comes a bright light to remind us that we have resources beyond far our own; that we have help if we ask for it and that that help is transformative.” Manda Scott, author of the Boudica books.

I want you to know that this book is the result of years of dedicated work as Ya’Acov has worked out how to tell this story in a way which is true to the spirit that animates it. I think it is important to acknowledge the labour of love, of hours and days and weeks of work, over a long time scale, of being willing, over and over, to begin again, to let something go, to offer it up to the fire and ask for guidance. And he’s done it. Here it is, for you.

As those of you who have ever had the chance to hear Ya’Acov tell a story know, he is a natural storyteller. Over the years of this book being written, I have had the opportunity to be with different groups of friends, as, occasionally, he reads a little bit of the emerging book to them. Again and again I’ve witnessed the same thing; people enter a quiet state of rapt listening and look as if they never want the story to end.

This book is an antidote to the western culture of ‘weekend shamanism’ which often misunderstands shamanism as something separate from every day life and commitment to action, using it to fortify a sense of self rather than to do the humble, hard, fierce work of confronting who one really is.

If you want to come and join us for deep diving ceremonial peak event of our year, the Summer Long Dance, there are still a few places left.

And finally, Ya’Acov has made a beautiful gift to thank those of you who want to join this journey and pre-order the book before June 6th, the official launch date of the book. To gain access to this gift and also to enter a raffle with some exceptional prizes, go to:


Susannah Darling Khan, June 2017


Upcoming Events with Susannah:

June 7: Vulnerability and Power in the Shaman’s World – talk, shamanic journey and launch of Ya’Acov’s new book with Ya’Acov and Susannah. London, UK.
This evening offers the participants a reading from Ya’Acov’s new book, a talk followed by a live music led shamanic journey, and a book-signing.
Contact: 020 7287 6711;

June 8: Balancing Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine with Susannah and Ya’Acov. Talk. Online.
This is part of a very exciting 3-day live online event (6–8 June) about the urgent importance to balance the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine within ourselves and in our world, with various speakers on the topic.
More info also here.

June 20: Bringing the Dance Back Home with Susannah or Ya’Acov. Webinar, online.
This webinar offers you the music, space and guidance to discover and strengthen your personal dance practice at home (or wherever you are). Experience a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room, invite friends to join in, and feel connected as the wider Movement Medicine community is joining in.
Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars.
Contact Roland: +44 1803 762255;

June 3–6 July: The Summer Long Dance. Somerset, UK.
This large and annual community gathering of the School of Movement Medicine is the offering of a rich and long lasting ceremony to honour and praise life on earth and all our relations in this. It is a powerful healing and trans-formative experience in which the interconnectedness of all life and all beings, including all the dancers is felt, expressed and celebrated.
Contact Roland: +44 1803 762255;