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Befriending your Nervous System

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We are totally delighted that our first guest teacher is about to appear on the Movement Medicine Study Hub. David Mooney is offering life changing information, teaching and practice on “Befriending your Nervous System” through the synergy of Polyvagal Theory and Movement Medicine.

If you’re excited about this (and I am!) and want to join the Hub, here is how you do it:

Buy a ticket (£15) for the most recent Tribal Heart ceremony, the Return of the Light. In addition to the ceremony itself this gives you a free 7-day Study Hub “explorer pass” which you can convert into a monthly membership (cancel at any time) or annual (better deal) membership.

David’s month’s teaching on the Hub (which are live in February) will continue to be available through the recordings in the Hub library for members to access.

And let me tell you a bit more about David Mooney. David and his wife Yasia Leiserach are pioneering the next era of Movement Medicine Apprenticeships. They have just completed their first Apprenticeship, which was called AP8 to situate it within the lineage of all the previous Apprenticeships.

The next Apprenticeship to be offered will be the first Franco-phone Movement Medicine Apprenticeship, offered by Anne Ena Bernard, which will be AP9, and the following one will be with Yasia and David; AP10.

When we (Susannah and Ya’Acov) completed our 7th Apprenticeship, it was time to hand the baton on to the next generation of teachers. We are so proud and happy that these two fine people of such integrity and skill are carrying on this tradition of offering deep committed transformational inner work through the alembic of Apprenticeship. Yasia and David were participants in the first Apprenticeship we offered in 2008. Their inner work and professional training is wide, deep and ongoing. You can learn more about the Apprenticeship Programmes here.

For those who thinking about Professional Training in Movement Medicine, the Apprenticeship comes first. It’s the place where you learn how to apply the tools, practices and perspectives of Movement Medicine to your self and your own life. Before seeking to hold anyone else in a transformational process, it is of course necessary to be in the cauldron yourself.

We (Ya’Acov and Susannah) will be offering the next Professional Training in Movement Medicine for those who have taken an Apprenticeship. please note that there are pre-requisites to work with before you can take an Apprenticeship. This is an intensive and rigorous journey. And it starts and continues with self awareness. The Study Hub is a great place to start and continue and many Movement Medicine Professionals (including ourselves) are finding it a place to go on developing conceptual understanding, self-understanding and to integrate ongoing learning and practice as part of daily life.

You can learn more about the Apprenticeship Programmes here.

And a huge thank you to Kata Máthé for the incredible artwork that lights up the Study Hub and all our 21 Gratitudes online courses.