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The Future of the Apprenticeship Programme – Sept 2018

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By Susannah and Ya’Acov

This Article is partial reprint of an article called ‘Continuity and Change’ published in the May Newsletter. As it contains very important information about both the Apprenticeship Programme and the development of Movement Medicine, we are publishing it again.

Hi all. We want to let you know about the process of change that we, Susannah and Ya’Acov, are dancing with right now, especially in terms of our roles in the field of Movement Medicine. As you probably know, up till now, the basis of our deep long-term work with people has been the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme. The modules and electives of the Apprenticeship create a catalytic context designed to support apprentices to apply the practices and principles of Movement Medicine in their own lives, both on and off the dance floor.

It also provides a space for intensive personal learning, healing and development. One of the key features of the apprenticeship is the level of personal support and challenge each apprentice receives through their regular sessions with their mentor, as well as the group work with us.

The Apprenticeship Programme consists of three core modules and two electives chosen from a menu of electives provided by us and the Faculty. However, the relationship we have with each apprentice often means that the Apprenticeship journey continues for many years after the modules are finished. For us, apprenticeship is a profound commitment rooted in the commitment to honesty and soul. We know through our own experience that being who we are and becoming who we can be is a rocky road at times. We have found that apprenticeship and being part of a similarly committed community is the most appropriate form for working with the profound path of empowerment, responsibility and harvest that is Movement Medicine. Naturally, how long each apprentice stays as an apprentice is a deeply personal journey and choice.

This summer has seen the coming to the completion of our 5th Apprenticeship, and it has become clear that, for the time being at least, this part of our work will soon be completed. There is a limit to the number of people we can realistically have this level of ongoing relationship with. And at the same time, there are Movement Medicine teachers who have trained with us and been working strongly in their own ways in the world and for the School who are preparing to step up to this level of teaching. We see this as an expansion of Movement Medicine and a very healthy growth of this community. Passing our work on and making sure that teachers and facilitators can grow within Movement Medicine is very important to us. Sometimes we forget just how held we are in our lives and in this work and just how things grow in their own time. We see this as the perfect time for all of us involved in this to step up to this next level.

So, what might this mean for you if you are interested in apprenticing with us? We will be doing two more Darling Khan Apprenticeships. Apprenticeship 6 (or AP6) starting in the autumn of this year, 2018, and Apprenticeship 7 (AP7) starting in the Autumn of 2019. There are still spaces on both and applications remain open for both. It may be important for you to know that AP7 will take place over one year only and will not be available in the two-year format.

After that, we will be passing the baton onwards to a wider field of Movement Medicine teachers. We are so happy when we see the depth of excellence in the Movement Medicine field, and we are even happier that the next generation of Movement Medicine Apprenticeships will become available in a wider spread of geographical contexts and languages. At this point, it is likely that the new apprenticeships will be led by small teams of trained teachers, all of whom will continue to be involved in intensive Continued Professional Development with us. Each apprenticeship will offer both a generic core Movement Medicine curriculum, as well as being diverse in terms of the style and particular specialities of the leaders holding those apprenticeships.

We are wanting these new generation Movement Medicine Apprenticeships to offer both a space for diversity and difference, and, at the same time, to be grounded in the common values and recognisable approaches of Movement Medicine. This demonstrates the core Movement Medicine principle of Unity and Diversity, Community and Individuality.

In order to answer the question: “So what are the common components of any Movement Medicine Apprenticeship?” Susannah sat down to name the different aspects of core curriculum that we teach on our Movement Medicine Apprenticeships. She was bowled over by the depth and spectrum of perspectives, tools and practices that we are actually endeavouring to impart. We say “endeavouring,” as it is one thing to share something, or to learn something, and it is quite another thing to actually integrate it into one’s understanding and into one’s life. For this reason, we feel that the core curriculum document that will be ready soon, will turn out to be great learning and self-reflection aid for all Apprentices, new and old.

As for us, we plan to continue to teach open workshops, continue to focus on Professional Training and Continued Professional Development for Movement Medicine professionals, as well as expanding the reach of the work through our Online Courses, books, music and other offerings. Please look out for Ya’Acov’s new CD, Shaman’s Song, which will be available through Hay House from July 3rd (or come to the Long Dance and pick up a copy there) and his new book Shaman, is planned for release in May 2019. Susannah is continuing to work on her book too (watch this space for more information on that) and her recent instructional album Life Grooves is being used for daily practice all over the world.

So, there you have it. Change, famously named as the only consistent thing you can rely on in life, is alive and well in our lives! We wanted to let you know now so that if you do want to take this journey with us, now is the time to get going with (and book) your pre-requisites: Initiation (this autumn) Phoenix (next spring) and your hours of Movement Medicine practice (see description of the current Apprenticeship format here.)

Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Khan