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Elements of Change

with Ben Yeger

Change is happening all the time, it is part of our evolutionary truth. Change is happening right now in our bodies, our hearts, our minds, in our close relationships, our communities, and in the world.

Despite and perhaps because of the extraordinary times we find ourselves in, active participation in change is both challenging and deeply called for. It seems that clinging to old narratives of polarization, separation, intractable conflicts, stories of enemies, are getting in the way .

Over the course of these two days, we will step together into an enquiry as part of our collective growth and quest for change, actively taking responsibility for our own part in the present reality.

We will take this journey by exploring our relationship to the characters in the Drama Triangle (The Victim, Oppressor and Rescuer). We will then build our capacity to move beyond the stuckness of this viscous cycle by accessing the richness of the dance and resource ourselves by embodying the MM archetypes of the Dancing Warrior, the Dancing Fool and the Wise elder. We will deepen our understanding of what it is we need as individuals and as a collective to fully engage in the changes we dream of.

Combining Movement Medicine with Eco-philosopher, Joannna Macy’s Work That Reconnects, we will call on our potential to shed old skins, choose to step into new pathways and explore how we can transform Conflict from a block to relationship into an opportunity for change.

Forthcoming dates: 2020 May – Milwaukee-USA,