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Apprenticeship Elective: Power Stories and Burial Ceremony

06 Oct 2017 @ 17:00 – 11 Oct 2017 @ 13:00
Orval, Belgium
Bois-le-Comte 1
Roland Wilkinson
+44 (0)1803 762255

The intention of the Power Stories and Burial Ceremony elective is to work with and clean up our relationship to power. Without personal power, we have no chance of making an impact in the world. So we will look at how our relationship with different kinds of power has got in the way of our success and we will seek to leave those old stories behind in the grave. In the empty space and with the support of benevolent death, we will design a new power story that serves the soul to bring its light into being and into action in a world that needs people of power to stand up for what they know to be right. Looking forward to working with you on this important issue. If you are coming, there will preparation tasks before the module (like preparing two plain face masks that you will decorate during the workshop) and you can expect to be working three sessions a day.

This retreat is one of the electives for the Apprenticeship and is only open to current Apprentices and those who have completed the Apprenticeship Programme.


For those who have completed the Apprenticeship Programme: £300 tuition plus 290 Euros for food and accommodation at Orval.
For current Apprentices: 290 Euros for food and accommodation at Orval, tuition fees being included in their Apprenticeship fee.