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Pre-Book Launch for Ya’Acov’s new book

13 Feb 2020 @ 18:30 – 20:00
Vancouver, Canada
Banyen Books


Invoking Power, Presence and Purpose at the Core of How You Are

Pre-Book Launch for Ya’Acov’s new book

Ya’Acov, best-selling author of Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart (Hay House 2017), is returning to Banyen Books after his last visit to share the intention behind his new book and why shamanism has become so popular once again. Extract from the foreword by Manari Kaji Ushigua Santi, Shaman and Leader of the Sápara Nation of the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

For millennia, Shamans have explored subtle realities and co-existing landscapes for answers to questions and healings. If you’re planning to take one of these journeys, then you’d better make sure that you have an expert guide with you. Ya’Acov Darling Khan is such a guide. A familiar traveller in these worlds, you’ll be safely guided by his unseen hand. There and back – bolder and wiser.John Sellars, Information technology consultant

We believe that the people of the Modern World need to wake up and connect with their natural and ancestral vision and activate their tribal knowledge to be able to live in these times with less disease of the body and disease of the spirit. It is important to rediscover our collective ancestral heritage and to remember the archetype of the shaman. I know that Ya’Acov’s book, like everything he does, will be full of power straight from the heart. When he speaks, it is a direct transmission from the spirits he is connected to, including the spirits of the forest. I am certain that this book will bring you inspiration and help you to remember what you already know deep inside yourself and to open the door between the worlds of the sleeping and the waking dream.

The practices that Ya’Acov is sharing with you are strong medicine and they will support you to meet or deepen your connection to the Inner Shaman. This part of you remembers who you are, what you are connected to, who your people and your guides are, and what your work is. They are also tuned in to the the spirit guides of the forest and the universe. They can show you the necessary changes you need to make in your life in relationship to yourself, others, the community of life, your ancestors and guides and to the source of life itself so that future generations can survive and thrive in this world.

Welcome to the world of the Inner Shaman.

Shaman is an invocation of this magnificent and powerful archetypal force of life in you. This book is a shamanic journey into the roots of who you are, and how you can connect to the powers of life that sustain us all.
Ya’Acov Darling Khan is back in town, fresh out of the Amazon rainforest, to offer another inspiring evening of shamanic adventure, humour, hearty remembrance of the living earth and the power inside us we all have to be who we are and give everything we’ve got.