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Communion – CPD

03 May 2021 @ 17:00 – 07 Jun 2021 @ 20:45
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Movement Medicine Online CPD for all MM Apprentices and Professionals

with Susannah Darling Khan


This School of Movement Medicine CPD workshop is an online offering to support you to refine the yin and yang of your embodied communication skills, both professionally and personally.

Enrolment ends on Sunday 25th April to give Susannah a week to prepare, once we know numbers and demographics. For details see below.

Communion is open to ALL Apprentices and Professionals and is relevant both for those who trained with us a long time ago and for those who have not yet trained with us. I explain why and how below.

We know there is lots of information… You may find it easier to take it in from this audio recording.


Doing this training is essential if you want to be able to apply to work with us as a listening circle tutor on our online work. This is because this is a new skill set and set of distinctions which we have been distilling in the last year.

For those Professionals from earlier APs, the set of skills which will be taught and practised in Communion, was not something we knew well enough to guide you in and certainly did not teach you how to teach. Support groups in those old day were listening only (which was a good step) but we had not learnt the why and how of teaching more active listening skills and did not know or understand the art of speaking from the edge of the known as we do now.

Communion will count as CPD and be relevant to those of you who, want to the possibility to work on our online courses as tutors (holders of listening circles) and will powerfully support your own work with leading support groups and listening diads; both online and in the room.

For those who are in later APs, you have been exposed to much more of this kind skill set in your APs, and many of you are ready for your PT which will not begin for some time still. We realised that doing this course would be the best possible preparation for your PT, as well as a good way to engage with MM and the whole AP community.

For those Apprentices in AP6 and 7 who, due to the pandemic, have had a long Apprenticeship initiation in dancing with the unknown, this CPD gives you a way develop skills which will support your professional training once you get there and will support you to bring your own journey with MM into renewed focus

For MM Apprentices who have not trained. Communion will count as CPD when and if you do train Professionally in MM. If you do intend to take the Professional Training, this is a wonderful preparation and if you don’t know, we cannot think of a better skill set to support you in all your relationships for the rest of your life.

Communion is designed to support you to tend to your life as a whole and to your personal and professional Movement Medicine journey, as well as offering a space for Apprentices from all 7 generations to come together and practice side by side, whilst also respecting the different cohorts and different levels of training amongst us. So, we will make sure mentors and not in practice groups with people who are, or have been, their mentees.

We will use Susannah’s “Embodied Listening course as a basic structure to understand, practice and develop listening skills, both for ourselves personally and as people who either do or may hold space for others. This is the method that will give us structure, safety and an evolving learning journey.

The newly refined elemental understanding of the power of listening which Susannah shares in “Embodied Listening” has never been taught in Movement Medicine, though it draws on concepts which have been part of MM for years. It’s come from her pandemic cutting edge and integrates her learning from her ponies and from poly-vagal theory about safe social engagement. Susannah wants to share this “deep listening skill set” with those of the MM Apprentice and professional community who wish to learn. These skills support all communication, whether it is professional or personal, including peer groups, families, partnerships and our relationship with our very own dear self.


The content you will be invited to share will be both personal and professional. Within each meeting there will be a personal and a professional sharing, using break out rooms to meet together with your own peers and sometimes cross-fertilising across the whole community attending the workshop.



      • The course will run on Monday evenings over 6 weeks between May 3rdand June 7th.
      • Our Monday sessions will run: 5pm – 6.45pm followed by a break and then again from 7.30pm – 8.45pm. We will start with dancing and a vocal warm up and guided journey, before attending to the focus of each week’s material.
      • Most weeks we will use a particular module of the Embodied Listening course as a basis for our practice. In the days BEFORE that session, you will be asked to work with that module in your own time (often with a Study Buddy) as preparation so that we can work from that basis.
      • Each week we will focus on one aspect of Embodied Listening and the associated aspect of speaking freely, responsibly and openly about what matters to you, both personally and professionally.

How it works:

      • If you want to enrol, please do so by Sunday 25th April when enrolment closes. See Roland’s instructions below.
      • Please purchase Embodied Listening from 21 Gratitudes. If you have already done so – that is wonderful. If you have not yet become familiar with this material, please don’t feel you have to wait until the course begins. Dive in and start to use the material, especially the Wise Elder practices. You don’t have to do the whole course before we begin. Please focus on becoming familiar with the first two modules.
      • In addition, this intensive online CPD workshop costs £245, payable to the School of Movement Medicine.
      • We know the pandemic has affected people in very different ways financially. If you need a bursary to do this course, please ask (Roland re the CPD, 21Gratitudes re Embodied Listening).
      • We will use zoom as the connection tool and each Monday we will work with the material from 1 module of the Embodied Listening. During the week in between you will be working with a Study Buddy to practise, learn and digest. The Module numbers and names below refer to the relevant modules of the Embodied Listening course.


Timetable of Communion:

      • Preparation- Self Study Module 1 and 2 (Introduction and Presence) with yourself. This needs to be done before we start, including engaging with the wise elder practice given that week.
      • 3rd May – Module 1 and 2 (Introduction and Presence) with Susannah
      • In the week between: Module 3 (Warmth and Appreciation- fire) self-study and practice with your practice buddy.
      • 10th May Module 3 (Warmth and Appreciation- fire) working with Susannah
      • In the week between: Module 4 (Reflection- water) self-study and practice with your practice buddy.
      • 17th May Module 4 (Reflection- water) working with Susannah
      • In the week between: Module 5 (Resonance- earth) self-study and practice with your practice buddy.
      • 24th May- Module 5 (Resonance- earth) working with Susannah
      • In the week between: Module 6 (Overview- air) self-study and practice with your practice buddy.
      • 31st May- Module 6 (Overview- air) working with Susannah
      • In the week between: completion and wrap up with your practice buddy.
      • 7th June – Completion, all together with Susannah

Susannah says:

I can’t think of anything more life changing, healing and that I would want to share with you, as a long-term member of this AP community, than this. There is nothing more powerful that I know to bring into the world right now and I am proud to share this new level of upskilling with our precious AP community, both for our own sakes, our collective vibration AND for what we can offer the world, individually and collectively.