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CPD Elective: Shape Shifter

03 Sep 2019 @ 17:00 – 08 Sep 2019 @ 13:00
Rill Estate, UK
+44 1803 762255

Shape Shifter CPD Elective: A vigorous return to the wild intelligence of the dance itself

with Susannah Darling Khan


A CPD module to support and refresh the ground of your MM teaching practice; to get you and your classes really DANCING and to dance out of your comfort zone into greater freedom and awareness as a dancer, a teacher and as a human being.

This CPD module will have 2 main focuses:

1)    One of the most exciting things about our practice is the freedom for the whole psyche which can be gained by deep physical practice and physical embodiment. Alongside all the extraordinary practices of MM, the medicine of movement itself is a major source to catalyse change and the key resource to ground it through the body-heart-mind.

This is profound work. Physical freedom is a key to the art of Shape Shifting. Our physical postural and movement habits (our shape) are part of what fixes us in identification with our known, habitual selves. Move beyond those and everything gets more molten and open.

This module is about deepening your knowledge and understanding (both conceptually and experientially) the benefits and results of becoming conscious of and of moving our bodies in new ways. Literally shape shifting: how to practice it, teach it, explain its benefits and motivate people and keep them safe as they leave their comfort zones and expand to become shape shifters themselves.

Of course, this starts with your own experience and how to do this for yourself.  I’ll be helping you understand more about this connection between physical freedom and the freedom of the whole psyche. Many participants don’t have much motivation to do this, so we need to be able to demonstrate, embody, explain, motivate and then “catch” the results.

2)    Supporting you to reflect on your practice as a teacher or facilitator, and teaching/supporting you with that as is needed. Sharing with each other and with the group. We all know that teaching can be a lonely path, and deep sharing with peers and teachers is soul food.

We want to encourage our students to know themselves, see their habits and go beyond them and the best way to do that is to do it yourself.

This CPD Elective is limited to 30 participants. It is for Movement Medicine Professionals only. However, it is being offered in addition to the existing CPD programme, so you don’t need to have done the Heart and Seer CPD module in order to take part.


COST: £595 – if paid in full by 3 March 2019
£730 – thereafter. There is a non-returnable depoist of £45 – to be paid at the application.

Food and dormitory accommodation £340.