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CPD – to be decided

16 Nov 2021 @ 17:00 – 21 Nov 2021 @ 13:00
Rill Estate, Devon, UK

Your Voice Matters – Professional Edition

This CPD training module is designed to support you to develop your capacity and confidence with working with the voice as part of your Professional Movement Medicine work. This may include working with songs, vocal improvisation and rhythm with your people. Our work will be rooted in supporting you in connection with where you are with your own voice and vocal confidence.


Your Voice Matters – Professional Edition is designed to do 4 things:


1) Support your journey with your own voice (both your spoken voice and your singing voice) as an instrument of communication of your heart and your being. The ease and level of embodied presence within your voice has a profound impact on the power of your energetic communication, which affects your teaching as well as all your inter-personal relationships.

2) Learn to understand more about the medicine of bringing song to your groups, the “why, when and how”. On this course you will learn and practice the skills of leading simple songs (both those which emerge in the moment and songs you know) and working with teaching simple harmonies if you are ready for this. This work will be done in small groups, with feedback, and you will choose an appropriate level to suite your own competency and learning edge

3) Learn basic skills of vocal improvisation to:

  • open the door for collective song making to meet the moment
  • extend the “unity and freedom” movement work to include the voice and the liberating, connecting power of emergent song

4) Strengthen your capacity to work with rhythm as a dancer and teacher as well as within vocal practice


This CPD is open by application. It is appropriate for you, if, as well as having taken the PT, you have already begun your journey with your own voice, by any route, including any of the following: Your Voice Matters (elective), The Heart and Seer CPD module, “the old” Journey of Empowerment with Susannah, Resonance with Susannah. If your journey with the voice has taken another route, please let us know when you apply.

I am so happy to invite you to join me in including this beautiful aspect of Movement Medicine work to our CPD path to include the voice as a healing and empowering tool in our MM practice.