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Encounter: Your Inner Shaman in the Modern World

25 Feb 2021 – 31 Mar 2021 all-day
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Encounter: Your Inner Shaman in the Modern World

A 6-Week Intensive Online Workshop with Ya’Acov Darling Khan and Team

February 26th to April 1st 2021


We all have an Inner Shaman inside us and all of us are capable of accessing shamanic states. With practice, and with support, we can learn to access them much more readily and to utilise them to support us in all areas of our lives. Part One of this 4-part journey will give you the tools to safely access the more open and connected state that is the norm for your Inner Shaman.

Working with the material in his latest book, Shaman – Invoking Power, Presence & Purpose at the Core of Who YOU Are (Hay House 2020), Ya’Acov and his experienced team of trained assistants will guide you over a six-week period to encounter your Inner Shaman in a safe, embodied way so that they can be a genuine ally in all areas of your life.

Your Inner Shaman recognises your place in the web of life. They are in touch with the indigenous wisdom of your people and your land. They honour your lineage and ancestors and are aware of your responsibility to the generations that will come after you. They recognise the importance of the cycles of life and understand the connection between how you imagine the world to be and how it is.Excerpt from Shaman

The course has limited numbers and is for committed seekers. It is for people who are determined to make the very most of their lives, by embracing their biography, their ancestry and using it all as material to create with. It is not for space cadets who think of shamanism as a competitive journey to have the most far out experiences as often as possible. It’s for people who wish to know who they are, where they come from, what their medicine is and most importantly, wish to make a positive contribution in these changing times.

In short, this course may be for you if you wish to:
· Stand Up – and be more of who you are in this world
· Grow Up – and take more responsibility for your life
· Play Your Role – and be more of service to the evolution of our species

· You wish to build a solid and useful bridge between your sense of the mystery of life and your day-to-day

In order to achieve this, we need an embodied and down-to-earth approach to our healing and empowerment so that we can take responsibility and create a healthy harvest from what we plant that benefits all that we care for.

You will be challenged to celebrate your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses. You will be invited to study, practice and reflect, alone, in your weekly support circle, and with your practice buddy (assigned to you at the beginning of the course).

The course asks for your full commitment to engage with the process. It consists of:

· Weekly audio teachings from Ya’Acov about the subject of the week (21 minutes)
· Weekly 2-hour live session with Ya’Acov (session 1 will be 2.5 hours)
· Weekly maximum 1-hour (depending on numbers) listening circle with your Course mentor
· Weekly engagement with your practice buddy
· Daily practice with specific preparations for each live class and practice to integrate what you are learning

Week One: Movement is the Medicine:
‘Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.’ Aldous Huxley

This first week will lay the ground for the 6 weeks ahead and introduce you to the Movement Medicine practices and key concepts that will keep your practice grounded and embodied. You will be asked to assess where you are in different areas of your life and make your commitment contract for the 6 weeks ahead. You will meet your practice buddy and your support circle, and we will lay strong foundations for the journey ahead.

Week Two: Ritual & The Imaginal Realm:
‘A ritual is the enactment of a myth. And since myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of the psyche, by participating in a ritual, your consciousness is being reminded of the wisdom of your own life.’ Joseph Campbell

Week two focuses on the purpose and safe set up for ritual. We will learn about the imaginal realm and how powerful this can be, and we will learn about and practice the 9 steps of ritual. We will cover some of the history of shamanic practice and the effect this has had on the integrity and balance of our connection to the imaginal realm. Our purpose is to learn to trust ourselves alongside using doubt as a positive tool to further our studies.

Week Three: The Tree of Life & The Three Worlds:
‘All theory dear friend, is grey. But the golden Tree of Life springs evergreen.’ Goethe

In week three, our focus shifts to the Tree of Life and the Universal shamanic principle of the three worlds. How do we relate to this story in the modern world and how can it help us to let our imagine fly with our feet firmly on the ground? We will study how the roots and the branches can only be connected through the trunk (the heart) and we will learn that as Gabrielle Roth said: ‘The only way out is through.’ Warning: if you enjoy a little spiritual bypassing, this is going to challenge you.

Week Four: The Unbroken and Your Elemental Nature:
‘Power can be taken but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment itself.’ Gloria Steinem

Week four brings us into connection with what we call the Unbroken. That part of nature, of universal intelligence, that part of us that doesn’t need fixing – only the grace of listening and learning from it. It appears in our elemental natures and reminds us what we are actually made from. Our focus then will be on resourcing and reciprocity. We don’t go to the elemental powers of nature on our knees but standing up in who we are, in our hearts, giving thanks alongside asking for guidance.

Week Five: The Hollow Bone
‘I have fallen in love with the imagination. And if you fall in love with the imagination, you understand that it is a free spirit. It will go anywhere and it can do anything.’ Alice Walker

In week five, our focus is on meeting the archetypal force of the Inner Shaman. Built on the carefully constructed foundation of the previous 4 weeks, we will deepen our practice, and invoke this powerful archetypal ally and enter into an ever-evolving dialogue with them. This encounter is on the one hand a simple, everyday meeting. On the other hand, it may change your perception of who you are and what is possible in your life. The Inner Shaman is on fire with love for life. They are grounded, fluid and spacious. They recognise that things of value take time to create and they recognise that creation is destruction’s twin (i.e. to plant a garden, you’ve got to clear the weeds). And maybe most poignantly, they are in touch with the great teacher and guide known as ‘benevolent death.’

Week Six: Integration and Completion
‘The Inner knows who you are and what that life force that’s beating your heart right now is capable of. And they know that the life of future generations is in all of our hands. They grieve for what we’ve lost, but they remain full of gratitude for the strong-hearted and courageous dreams of what we yet might create.’ Ya’Acov Darling Khan – Shaman

Week six is where we bring all the elements of the course together, assess what we have learned, and turn our focus towards the road ahead. How might the Inner Shaman be an ally in all areas of your life: health, embodiment, ritual and dreaming, relationship and of course, your contribution to the world? What might be your next steps on the path?

This course represents Part One of a 4-Part Series. It will be the prerequisite for all that follows.
The course is open to a limited number of participants.

For bookings: The course will have limited numbers and participation will be through an interview process. For more information, please go to , join the waitlist and you will hear from us as soon as we are ready to book interviews.