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Encounter – Deepening Your Unbroken Connection with Life

06 Mar 2023 @ 17:00 – 12 Mar 2023 @ 13:30
Falenty (green place near Warsaw, 30 min from Chopin Airport)
Tuition: 595 Euro for Poland and other Eastern countries (505 Euro Early Bird to 30 December) , 695 Euro other countries (650 Euro EarlyBird to 30 December)
Anna Sierpowska
We all have an Inner Shaman inside us and all of us are capable of accessing shamanic states. With practice, we can learn to connect to the resources we are made from. This gives us the ground to be able to work with these states more readily. We can then utilise them to support us in all areas of our lives.
THE ENCOUNTER program is for committed seekers who are determined to make the very most of their lives, by embracing their biography, their ancestry and using it all as material to create with. It’s for people who wish to know who they are, where they come from, what their medicine is and most importantly, it is for those who wish to make a positive contribution in these changing times.
In short, ENCOUNTER will support you to:
• Stand Up – and be more of who you are in this world
• Grow Up – and take more responsibility for your life
• Play Your Role – and be more of service to the evolution of our species
• Build a solid and useful bridge between your dreams and your day-to-day life
In order to achieve this, we need an embodied and down-to-earth approach to our healing and empowerment so that we can take responsibility and create a healthy harvest.
ENCOUNTER – Movement Medicine workshop – will cover:
1. Movement is the Medicine – Introduction Movement Medicine practices and key concepts to keep your practice grounded and embodied.
2. Ritual & The Imaginal Realm – Our purpose is to learn to trust ourselves alongside using doubt as a positive tool to further our studies. We will learn about the imaginal realm and how powerful this can be, and we will learn about and practice the 9 steps of ritual.
3. The Tree of Life & The Three Worlds – The study how the roots and the branches can only be connected through the trunk (the heart) and we will learn that as Gabrielle Roth said: ‘The only way out is through.
4. The Unbroken and Your Elemental Nature – The essential part of the teaching is connection with what we call the Unbroken. That part of nature, of universal intelligence, that part of us that doesn’t need fixing – only the grace of listening and learning from it. It appears in our elemental natures and reminds us what we are actually made from. Our focus then will be on resourcing and reciprocity.
5. The Hollow Bone & the Inner Shaman – we will deepen our practice, and invoke this powerful archetypal ally and enter into an ever-evolving dialogue with them. This encounter often changes your perception of who you are and what is possible in your life. The Inner Shaman is on fire with love for life. They are grounded, fluid and spacious. They recognize that things of value take time to create and they recognize that creation is destruction’s twin (i.e. to plant a garden, you’ve got to clear the weeds). And maybe most poignantly, they are in touch with the great teacher and guide known as ‘benevolent death.’
6. Integration and Completion – this is so called the most important for all the teachings – space where we bring all the elements of the course together, assess what we have learned, and turn our focus towards the road ahead.
We will be working with the material in Ya’Acov’s latest book, Shaman – Invoking Power, Presence & Purpose at the Core of Who YOU Are (Hay House 2020), Ya’Acov and his experienced team of trained assistants will guide you over workshop journey to encounter your Inner Shaman in a safe, embodied way so that they can be a genuine ally in all areas of your life.
Warning: if you enjoy a little spiritual bypassing, this workshop is going to challenge you.
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🌳 Location:
Poland, Falenty (green place near Warsaw, 30 min from Chopin Airport)
🌳 Price for tuition:
595 Euro for Poland and other countries (505 Euro EarlyBird to 30 December) ,
695 Euro for Wealth Economy Countries (650 Euro EarlyBird to 30 December)
Workshope price does not include accomodation, food and travel costs.
🌳 Accomodation:
Poland, Falenty (green place near Warsaw, 30 min from Chopin Airport)
Hotel name: “4 Żywioły”
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The price according to exchange rate ab. 35-45 Euro per night with 3 vegetarian fresh meals
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