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En-Tranced: Walking Between the Worlds

14 Oct 2022 @ 10:00 – 16 Oct 2022 @ 17:00
Paris, France
+ 33 615 325 816

En-Tranced: Walking Between the Worlds

with Ya’Acov Darling Khan


The Inner Shaman walks between the worlds of so-called dream and so-called reality. They are an enigmatic character, living out on the edge of the psyche, conversing with the spirits, entranced by the artistry and mystery of life. They are lifelong students of this intelligence as it moves through nature, the human body-heart-mind and the systems and structures that shape our experience of life.

So many of us suffer from a loss of meaningful connection to soul in self, other and nature. To compensate, we consume more and more in the vain hope that we can fill the hole inside us, trashing ourselves and the planet in the process. The Inner Shaman creates the rituals and initiations to reconnect us to the bigger picture in which we see how the story we are telling imprisons or liberates our perception.

In this workshop, in order to continue our healing journey, deepen our empowerment and take more responsibility for our lives, we will invoke the archetypal and elemental force of the Inner Shaman to support the body-heart- mind to let go, empty out and remember the soul story we came here to tell.

Riding on the Inner Shaman’s connection to Entrancement and the Unbroken Force of Life, we will challenge the paradigm of separation and remember and deepen our connection to the dynamic and delicately balanced web of life to which we belong.