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Engaged Shamanism through Movement Medicine

23 Apr 2021 @ 14:30 – 16:30
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Engaged Shamanism through Movement Medicine

Evolutionary Festival from the 21st to 26th April


A place where you can meet some of the best speakers, facilitators and performers at the cutting edge of conscious creativity. Here you will find tools to not only improve and develop your life but to also take part in a larger collective transformation that is in touch with the evolutionary impulse itself.

You will find tools for:

Deepening Spiritual Practice Connection to Others Biohacking and Longevity Embodiment Abundance & Wealth Insights into the Nature of Reality Maps of Evolution Future Societies  Future Technologies Community and Inspiration

Ya’Acov’s workshop about Engaged Shamanism will be on the 23d April.

The Festival’s schedule is in UTC. If you need to convert the time zone you can use:

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