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21 Gratitudes

03 Mar 2017 – 05 Mar 2017 all-day
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Rebekah Zhuraw
001 215-498-1780

A Movement Medicine shamanic journey through the 21 Gateways of the Movement Medicine Mandala


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.John. F. Kennedy

The Movement Medicine Mandala represents a story of wholeness, connection and balance through all aspects of life. It illuminates the shadows that if un-owned, dull the integrity of who we are. It contains 21 Gateways that map the radical inclusivity necessary to be able to live and act from what is true inside each of us.

This weekend will provide a deep, embodied immersion in the core of Movement Medicine practice. We will begin with an enquiry about how we are and what we bring. What are we facing in our personal lives, our work, our life journey as a whole? What needs acceptance? What needs release? We will create a strong circle, safe enough to be able to do our work, and deep enough to help us meet the challenges of our lives in ever more creative ways.

On Sunday, with the help of live music, we will enter ritual space and journey through all 21 Gateways of the Mandala. This will be a deep Movement Medicine shamanic journey; an invitation to discover our blind spots, be open to expansion and change, and be willing to re-commit to what matters most to us. For beginners or advanced practitioners of all ages and abilities, come as you are and give what you’ve got.