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Shaman: Book Launch – Talk & Move

17 Sep 2020 @ 19:00
Rome, Italy

Shaman – Embodying Nature’s Power to Heal, Live and Love Life 100%



Our world is changing faster than we ever thought it could. The danger is immense, but so is the potential for utter – and beautiful – transformation. The strong, true, clear heart that Ya’Acov Darling Khan brings to his work and his writing is one of the things that gives me hope.Manda Scott, author of the Boudica series
A gentle spirit suffuses this book, which nonetheless brooks no nonsense.Charles Eisenstein, speaker and author of The Ascent of Humanity
Only a truly authentic leader could bring a book titled Shaman into existence, and there is no question that Ya’Acov Darling Khan deserves the honour. Shaman is an invitation not just to the young generation, but to us all. To see our lives as canvasses ready to be made into art. To step up and into our true power and transform some of its most pressing issues. “We are made of star dust” Ya’Acov reminds us, and if we will engage with Shaman like the blessed text it is, the possibility of transformation for ourselves and the world we occupy stands before us. May its message travel far and wide.Jessica Huie MBE, author of Purpose
Ya’Acov is a gifted healer of the highest integrity who has written a masterpiece that will help you understand, embrace and harness the power of your inner shaman. His words and guidance serve as a path to live with greater purpose and create a world where we can turn suffering into healing. Thank you, Ya’Acov, for being such a blessing, in and for our world.Vex King, mind coach and bestselling author of Good Vibes, Good Life
This book is a magnificent song in praise of life. Deeply insightful, moving and raw, it overflows with Ya’Acov’s genuine humility and courageous spirit. I feel this book pulsing with the drumbeat of hope, calling us to find our own “inner shaman” so that together we can birth a new world. I hear Ya’Acov urging us to read and then dance!Tim Freke, author of Deep Awake and Soul Story