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Moving Constellations

19 Nov 2022 @ 17:00 – 24 Nov 2022 @ 12:45
Blackadon Farm, S. Devon, UK
£1195 incl. food and shared accommodation

Hello dear apprentices. I am here to invite you to join me for an apprentices only gathering called Moving Constellations. The gathering is a rare opportunity to experience the way that I weave together Movement Medicine and Constellations.

We will practice deepening our interoceptive resonance, self-knowledge, metaphoric seeing and embodied listening within the vibrational field. You will have the chance to work together as representatives in smaller and larger constellations as we address what is truly important in each of our human journeys. This allows us to strengthen the way we can be each other’s allies, showing up for each other in the fire of honest and deep enquiry.

As we deepen our Movement Medicine practice, we become more adept at attuning to the knowing field through our interoceptive awareness. This workspace is an invitation to further awaken our sensitivity by slowing down enough to notice the information we so often tune out. At the same time, practice in a safe and strongly held space will strengthen our capacity to use that information responsibly and wisely.

Collaborative vibrational medicine sits at the intersection of shamanic, empathic and systemic human evolution. It requires us to step into another level of honest and responsible relationship and intimacy. This work calls forth our maturity as we learn more about what it means to step into other’s shoes and simultaneously, more deeply into our own being.

Susannah says: “My experience of constellations work, in my own Family Constellations training and in life, is that it has profoundly helped me open me to a new level of embodied empathic presence. This presence reverberates through the centuries of our collective stories and supports me to be more connected to with my fellow humans. I am happy to invite you to come and work with this integrated approach in the context of a small group (maximum 30 people) at the beautiful Blackadon Barns on the edge of Dartmoor.