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Vulnerability and Power in the Shaman’s World – Talk

05 Feb 2018 @ 19:30 – 21:00
Seattle, WA, United States
6407 12th Ave NE Seattle
WA 98115 (East West Bookshop)
USD 15
Aditi (Angie) Muir


Ya’Acov Darling Khan has written an exquisite and important book that places the great and deep work of Shamanism in its rightful context in this critical time in human history. For too long, shamanism has been seen as a left field weekend pastime that is divorced from the challenges that we face as a species in these extraordinary times. Ya’Acov’s story of his 30-year initiation into the shaman’s world is an invitation for us to look deeply into what matters most to us and to find the courage to live from this place. His shamanic work is rooted in his love for life and the Amazon rainforest and he and his wife Susannah have dedicated their lives to protecting ‘the wild’ inside us and in nature. He is highly respected amongst our indigenous partners in the Amazon where he is accepted as a practicing shaman. Ya’Acov’s book is vital for all of us who are ready to find the passion, dedication and courage to bring our visions to earth and to leave a legacy for our descendants that we can be proud of.Lynne Twist, Co-Founder of the Pachamama Alliance and Author of “The Soul of Money

We are living in times when the earth is crying out for empowered human beings connected to their hearts to stand up for life. It takes a huge investment to ‘grow’ a mature human being – someone who is living in the everyday recognition of what they have been given and what they are being given by life; a human being who is overflowing with gratitude and joyfully inhabits the living prayer of reciprocity, giving back to life with everything they’ve got. Unfortunately, many people in the alternative world have made power the enemy. ‘Power corrupts’ they say, embracing powerlessness and pointing the finger of blame and judgement at those who use power for good or for ill. 

 In the shaman’s world, a conscious and crafted blend of power and vulnerability is necessary for the initiatory journey in which the shaman discovers how to responsibly use their medicine. In order to make any positive impact in this world, it is our task to purify our relationship to power and vulnerability so that we can know deep in our hearts what our power is for. In this inspiring and challenging talk, Ya’Acov will talk about power and vulnerability as the twin keys for taking our place as empowered, creative and conscious human beings whose intention is to make as much positive impact in the world as we possibly can.