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The Fierceness of the Mother

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On July 19th 2019 at 8pm UK time (3pm New York time ) you can hear Susannah speak live in dialogue with Jocelyn Mercado as part of the free online event:
The Fierceness of the Mother: The Power of the Feminine to Revolutionize Our World.

In case you can’t make that time, it is also possible to listen to the recording later.There are fourteen presenters (seven men and seven women) taking part in this global online conference taking place between 15th and 19th July 2019, each exploring the theme of feminine ways of knowing from different angles including indigenous perspectives The Fierceness of the Mother is hosted by Jocelyn Mercado. Here is more about it in her own words:

If you are longing to restore the sacredness of the ancient ways of being & knowing in our world, I’m so excited to invite you to a very special online conference in which we’ll explore the power of the feminine to revolutionize our world.

When we return to the ancient feminine wisdom, which is based in compassion, visionary abilities, love, empathy, connection, and sacred reciprocity …

Then we can heal both Masculine and Feminine and bring our world back into balance.

Through exploring & excavating these topics, we will together experience & integrate profound ways to re-establish the ancient reciprocal connection with ourselves, with our fellow humans, with the animals & plants, with the Spirit world, and with our beautiful Earth.

Click here to learn more & register.

Susannah writes:

“I welcome you to share a deep, live discussion between myself and Jocelyn Mercado around the theme of the sacred feminine and what is needed in these times. 

We will be speaking about “A radical dance of balance: from war to peace”.  Jocelyn and I will speak about the dangers of seeing it all in terms of “the sacred feminine needing to work on the distorted masculine”. I will propose something I calls “a radical dance of balance” which invites us to acknowledge the distortions in both the feminine as well as masculine and sees that the true masculine as well the true feminine need upholding. Knowing myself, and having a good sense of Jocelyn, I expect this will be an exchange of deep listening to each other and the depths that these themes can take us to.”

Looking further ahead, Ya’Acov will be taking part in another Jocelyn Mercado event, What the Earth Needs Now, from 16 to 20 September 2019. The best way to find out more about that will be via her Sacred Planet website here.