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Instructions to translate a web page in a browser:

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These instructions are for an android phones. If you use an i phone, simply download Chrome and use google translate.

Step 1: Download and Open Google Chrome


Step 2: Click on the 3 dots:

Step three: click translate

Step 4; choose the language you need

Step 5:

If this does not work, then download Google Translate from the Play Store (on Android) and it will automatically merge with the browser. On I-phones use google translate on Chrome…

This app is called Google Translate. It’s all on Play Story (on android)

If the phone is android, then here it is:

When our Oleksandra told me how much she was getting from reading the “Share the Adventure” blog, I realised there was something that I had not understood. One click and she was reading it in Ukrainian on her phone.

I was astonished. She knows, because as a Ukrainian refugee here in the UK, she needs to know. This technology is a huge help. When Oleksandra told me that she felt I was “taking her by the hand and accompanying her on this incredible journey I was so happy. When’s she told me that she could feel it, not only emotionally, but also physically, I took this as a “yes” to my writing (thank you Oleksandra!) but also as a good verdict on the quality of translation. Though of course it is not perfect, it ‘s obviously pretty good! So I asked asked her to show us all how to do this, in case there is anyone else out there who doesn’t yet know! 😂 Here are her simple steps.

These instructions are for an android phones. If you use an i phone, simply download Chrome and use google translate. I have an i-phome, tried it and I’m amazed. You’re probably laughing. I’m definitely only slowly coming into the digital age. I only just fond out you can turn your phone sideways and read stuff on your phone comfortably enlarging it as much as you want. Wow! 😉

Any website, including the School of Movement Medicine or 21 Gratitudes or or Pachamama. org or anything else will be translatable, becoming instantly available in many languages. I feel this as a game changer, in terms of its potential for supporting global empathy, understanding and connection. And of course the other side too. A power. How do we use it? To what do we dedicate it?

Anyway, big thanks to Oleksandra Vakukh and Ihor Koretsky. They have been our guests through the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme and we have received so much from their presence and from getting to know them. Once again, mutual reciprocity and mutual aid. Just like with the Pachamama Alliance- find out more in Share the Adventure.

Hosting this family has been so beautiful, and of course we have needed to help and be available with many details; school, doctor etc etc. Their web skills, which result in this post, `are just the latest of many ways they have helped us too.

Something that has been very noticeable in myself is that I cannot turn away from the horror of the war because I love people, personally, whose relatives are there. I have also received such deep soul gifts from Ukraine, like natural honey and herbs, also from their relatives. The connection is.

Ya’Acov’s Jewish ancestors came from Ukraine over 100 years ago and were kindly received in Ireland. So when the government introduced the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme, and when many in our local village decided to apply to be hosts too, we knew this was a “Yes”.

As I write this, I bow to the suffering of refugees everywhere and to to all who make the soul deep choice not to cut off, but to do their best to respond with care and love. I asked Oleksandra and Ihor whether they wanted me to share how we know each other here. And they said

“Yes, please do. It’s important that people know and are reminded of the costs of war and that they become more aware of what ordinary people can do”.

Indeed. So, here is a little bit of Oleksandra’s (and Google’s of course) magic! And thank you Ihor for your kind support and back up.