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Dancing into DreamTime

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“The world is the space between memory and possibility, the physical trace of an idea. Without thought, it cannot exist.” – Kogi Mama, shaman

For the third time, Ya’Acov and Charlie Morley will be offering the exciting and inspiring blend of Movement Medicine and Lucid Dreaming practice.

The indigenous people of the Amazon have asked us to ‘change the dream of the North’ which means they are asking us to change the way we see the world and our place within it. We can do this by becoming aware of our dreams and the landscapes of our mind.

The practice of Lucid Dreaming is the state of knowing we are dreaming and interacting with the dream as it is happening. By being conscious of our dreams and the stories we tell ourselves, we can look into any area of our life and become more awake and aware, individually and collectively.

The unique synthesis of Movement Medicine and Lucid Dreaming practice gives us tools to gain access to our deep unconscious, which is like a university of the unknown. Each time we choose to move consciously or choose to dream consciously, we engage with the deepest parts of our intelligence. We can use this blended practice to deepen our awareness, to heal, to access creativity, and ultimately, to become a more conscious, compassionate and effective human being in all areas of life.

Movement Medicine and Lucid Dreaming practice support each other and support us all to live more lucidly in our sleeping and our waking life, from a basis of genuine self-knowledge.

After our explorations in Orval, I feel more complete – as if a circle has been united: dancer in the day, dreamer at night, dancer at night and dreamer in the day… I feel so much that I am an infinite source where anything is possible, where anything is. Being my own mistress was what was inside me at the beginning of our work together. And now, it is the softest feeling inside and very strong…. I am deeply grateful to you both, to our work together, with you and the group, and to life… You offered essentials tools to nourish and strengthen my essence. I feel connected to something much bigger, and to myself. Emilie Janiaud

Charlie Morley: has been a self-taught lucid dreamer since the age of 17. He began to teach lucid dreaming within the context of Tibetan Buddhism in late 2008, at the personal request of his mentor and well known meditation teacher Rob Nairn. Soon after accepting Rob’s request to teach, Charlie received the traditional Tibetan Buddhist ‘authorisation to teach’ from Venerable Lama Yeshe Losal. He is Creative Director of the performance collective and dance company Throwdown, who run creative music/dance workshops for disadvantaged young people and have toured the UK and Europe with their professional team. He is also the author of Dreams of Awakening: Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep

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