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“I had to go away to learn how to know. I had to go away to learn how to grow. I had to go away to learn how to stay here. So I went and looked at doors locked in front of me. Oh little did I know the doors did not lead outside.” Dagara ‘Song of Return’ for initiates, quoted by Malidoma Some.

Initiation is an adventurous 9-day intensive journey with fine companions, excellent guidance and far-reaching results. The focus of our work is two-fold: to bring awareness, responsibility, fluidity, and ultimately gratitude to our life’s journey; and to learn all that we can from our personal history and free ourselves from any patterns that may be negatively affecting our future.

During the retreat, we will work with the nine cycles of the life journey: conception, birth, childhood, puberty, adolescence, adulthood, maturity, old age and death. Through physical movement we will explore the landscape and archetypes of the first five cycles, acknowledging what has been, transforming what we can and learning from the challenges of that time. When you arrive at the transition between adolescence and maturity, you will spend the day on a mini vision quest to gain an overview of your adult life. As further preparation for assuming responsibility for your life, you will then invoke Death as a teacher to remind you that our time here is precious and short. The intention is to create the freedom of body, heart and mind to be able to view our past as the perfect training for living a creative, empowered and connected life now.

This retreat will bring healing and understanding to your own journey and that of your ancestors and so support you to pass on your wisdom, and not your wounds, to the next generation. You will leave with a sense of forgiveness for the past, acceptance of the present and a clear sense of how to bring through your unique gifts into the world.

I would like to thank you for welcoming me in your community and providing the support needed for me to take part in the Initiation. I was touched by the level of dedication and leadership you put into the work and the way you hold space together with Susanna. It is surely a supporting space that you have created where inner work can take place. Moreover the sense of community, dedication of your assisting team and overall quality of interaction has remained in my memory as a source of inspiration. I really appreciate the level of dignity and honour you bring to the practice of shamanic healing work in a modern day context.Duduzile Voigts, Professional dancer
By working in the workshop I was able to release so many trapped emotions from my childhood. This and the outdoor ritual has already led to my being able to open up to the outside world in the workshop. I cannot describe to you what amazing moments I am allowed to experience in everyday life and on the dance floor. Every day I’m flooded with life energy.Steffen Förster, Switzerland

Loved it; the dancing, the music, the meditations, the deep rooted connections, the boat, the journey, the nourishment (especially the food), the grounded-ness, the songs, the safety, the beauty and tenderness, the people, the alters, the surprises, the guidance and all the help. I am honoured to be part of this tribe of movement medicine movers, and am deeply grateful to have found teachers, and their gift of work, that I truly respect and love.Hilary Chadwick, Lecuturer and Architect

I am not sure that I know of words in any language that can convey the power of the shift I have experienced and am living … I have come away feeling incredibly peaceful, empowered, more sure-footed than ever, trusting of my own instincts and clear in my intention … in love with life.Andrew Mills, Drummer and Nia teacher

Initation has been one of the most strengthening courses I have been to …. The work was deeply healing. Whenever I came to some painful, dark places inside me, through the tools we were using there was immediately a connection to my light at the very same place. So any dark places from my past became immediately transformed into the source of light. This was amazingly direct at the course and it has brought a lot of lightness and trust into my life since then.Katerina Stejskalova Therapist, Homeopath

Phenomenal, utterly transformative. Going through this journey, I gained a new perception of my past, present and future, moving through each cycle of my life with attention and awareness made the ‘grey-zones’ come to life; accepting these ‘grey’ parts, casting light of awareness on them, initiated transformation and released many of my pains, sorrows and sufferings. Underneath my ‘grey’ parts I re-discovered the hidden joyous and nourishing parts of my life. I feel space and lightness around me. The stories of my fellow travellers were valuable mirrors on this journey, and they let my understanding and humbleness grow.Agnes Madaras, International Health Adivsor

It is like seeing the totality of your life in a week. How it is not the separate times and people in life that makes up the journey but it is more how they affect each other. And it has somehow changed how I am in relationships at all levels – towards myself, family, friends and strangers. I’m daring to be more honest.Nina Paludan-Müller, Gotved movement teacher, Denmark

PREREQUISITES: To participate in Initiation, you need to have completed 25 hours of Movement Medicine or other related practice (5Rhythms, Open Floor, Soul Motion, etc). You also need to have the inner and outer resources and support that mean you can engage with this intense personal work in a responsible way. If you are unsure whether you meet the prerequisites, please enquire.

forthCOMING DATES: September 2021 – Devon, UK

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