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Journey of Empowerment

JOE GenericThe Journey of Empowerment is a powerful initiation into the core practices of Movement Medicine. During the course, we will work with practices to engage with body, heart, mind and psyche, and, through this process, forge a powerful connection to the wisdom of spirit and soul. We will work with a variety of tools to assist you on this path, including dance and movement, trance and repetition, embodiment practices, voice work and poetry. Together, we will consciously create a strong and sacred circle within which each individual will be encouraged to find empowerment in their own unique way.

Comprising one module and facilitated by Faculty members (Caroline Carey or Jo Hardy), the Journey is the first step of the intensive long-term curriculum offered by the School of Movement Medicine and the most direct route to completing the basic prerequisites for deeper work. You are welcome to take it as part of this intensive journey or simply as an experience in itself.

During the course you will:

  • discover your innate ecstatic connection to the spirit of the dance
  • work with the four chambers of the heart to develop your connection to your emotional body
  • learn how to connect with your power animals and spirit allies, calling on them to create a sacred circle of protection and support
  • use poetry writing and meditation as methods of compassionate self-enquiry to gain greater awareness of your mind and inner process
  • use repetition – of movement, of beat – to explore and gain awareness of the repeating patterns of your behaviour and find the medicine within these patterns
  • explore your own ‘sound’ through movement and improvisation to discover your own unique medicine songs
  • through embodied trance, contact meta-levels of awareness from where you can receive guidance about your purpose and the broader significance of your life
  • allow yourself to be held and transformed in the crucible of the ceremonial space.

For whom:

The Journey of Empowerment is for anyone who feels ready to commit themselves to developing their potential through movement and voice work. It is for those who wish to learn to use Movement Medicine as a transformative and empowering practice to bring the life of the dance into the dance of life. It is important that you have enough inner and outer support to allow the inevitable changes that will be catalysed by our work to be a positive force in your life. Some Movement Medicine practice is recommended as preparation. All ages and abilities can benefit from this course.

Prerequisites: 25 hours of Movement Medicine or related practice.

Rich, deep, expansive training that allows the whole body, heart, mind, soul to deepen its expression. Increased articulation of all aspects of the human vehicle through precise, delicate and powerful exercises allow the body to hone, tune, resonate with its own soul note.Eileen
Put together brilliantly. From the first stage through to the last stage which was very much a feeling of ‘COMPLETION’ for me. Every part works in its own way. A great incorporation of techniques!Maria
Caroline speaks directly to the deepest fibre of the dancer I am. And he learns to listen and trust a little more, and open his heart wider still, and he heals. Thank you from somewhere deep inside where words are simply too small.Glenn O’Hearne

Forthcoming dates: July 2017 – Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland

You can read Caroline Carey faculty member’s article related to this Journey below:

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