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On this intensive workshop, the focus of our work will be Re-Creation, which is one of the underlying principles of Movement Medicine practice. Re-Creation is the capacity to take the circumstances of our lives and to recreate our relationship to them. From being the victim of life’s events, you can learn to dance with them. On the journey, you will work with the ‘holy trinity’ of the Dancing Warrior, the Wise Elder and the Fool – the three core archetypal energies we work with for becoming our own healer and committing to the journey of healing the past. In shamanic practice, the past is a storehouse of potential energy that we can unlock to support us to be here much more fully and engage in the creative project of bringing our dreams to earth.

The workshop will include:

  • a deepening of your relationship with the creative power of the dancer inside you
  • bringing the full spectrum of your emotional intelligence into the dance through the Four Chambers of the Heart and Wise Elder work
  • an introduction to the Movement Medicine S.E.E.R. Process
  • a mini Long Dance Ceremony, which will take you on a journey through all 21 Gateways of the Movement Medicine Mandala
  • time to integrate and complete.

This will be an intense journey. To support us to go as deep as we can, you will be given preparation tasks before you arrive. The workshop is open to all who feel ready. All participants are asked to read Susannah & Ya’Acov’s book, Movement Medicine – How to Awaken, Dance and Live your Dreams, as preparation for the workshop.

I want to thank you for Re-Creation and the SEER process. During the whole five days I felt your protection for the whole group and sometimes I felt personally protected. I greatly appreciate your ability to care at the same time for both the group and all the different individuals. I’m also extremely impressed by your and Susannah’s creation of a community in almost no time between such different people. The SEER process itself felt to me like an even more useful instrument than I expected. What I like so much (not only in the SEER process, but also in your other methods that I have encountered so far) is that on the surface the processes appear very simple and smart, but in reality they are full of little subtle details that fit perfectly together.Ulrike Heiss, Dancer

ForthCOMING DATES: Berlin – February 2017, Israel – April 2017

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