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With Susannah Darling Khan

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Song and dance provide powerful keys to accessing our life-force, our power, our creativity and the sheer joy of being alive. So when we liberate the singer and the dancer inside ourselves, something remarkable is unlocked. Resonance unites these two powerful modalities in one workshop, offering a unique opportunity to explore the gifts they hold and opening up new realms of creative possibility.

During the workshop, we will use structure and improvisation to create a space in which to play with movement and free sound. Through this process, we allow the birth of our own songs, which come readily once we have opened up the channels and said, “Yes!”

Liberating the voice of your dance and the dance of your voice is naked work, requiring you to let go into the unknown. This can be challenging, but throughout the process you will be thoroughly prepared and supported. The rewards – liberating your own voice in the world and discovering the power of your own medicine song lines – are potentially life-changing.

This is an intensive residential workshop, involving both solo and group work. For this reason, numbers are limited to 30 participants. The workshop is suitable for anyone who wishes to move and sing. It is not necessary to be a confident singer; all that’s required is the ability to hold a simple melody recognisably (in other words, it does not need to be perfect). If you are unable to do this (if you are ‘tone deaf’, for example), this workshop may not be suitable for you. If you have any questions about this, please ask.

A really powerful workshop and fulfilled all my expectations. I felt deeply held and supported by Susannah and all my fellow workshop buddies. It was very nourishing. The pace just right and although I was fearful of performing, by the time Saturday evening came around I felt ready for it and enjoyed watching and performing. What a great evening!Jean Greenstock - Accounts Manager
The rooted soul power of dancing and singing with live drums was very impressive. A great inspiration for me as teacher of african-percussion to integrate the voice with dance – or with percussion. It’s rare to meet so fabulous but “normal” people like Susannah. Greatest thanks!Peter Tschanz, African Percussion teacher, Switzerland

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