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Returning Home

At the darkest point of the year, we invite you to join us at the beautiful Waldhaus Zentrum in the foothills of the Swiss Alps to reflect on and digest all that we have lived through in the previous twelve months.

Nurtured by our stunning surroundings, we will follow the energy of the season and let go, let be, and see what needs to be seen in the darkness of the winter. Tuning in to the silent wisdom in our cells, we will sense what longs to emerge through us in the coming year. We will plant the seeds of these dreams in the fertile ground of the dance, bringing them into being through movement, art and ritual.

Sharing our stories by the fire-side and through the discipline of focused Movement Medicine practice, we will embody and dance our prayers for ourselves, our relations and the wider web to which we belong.

This workshop is an invitation to return to the roots of yourself, nourish what keeps you connected and awaken the sparks of hope and inspiration.

“For us, this is a special time – a time to look back, let go and give thanks for the year that has been; a time to focus on what is important to us, sharpen our intent, and make space for the dreams of a new cycle. We have found this process both moving and effective as we dance ourselves into the fresh landscape of a new year. We look forward to dancing with you.” Susannah & Ya’Acov

At first, thank you very much for this wonderful experience! It was the best thing I decided to do in the last few years. Since then I’m so centred and that influence everything in my live. So thanks for everything and to everybody who was involved in this work. It was and still is wonderful!!!!Elisabeth Käufeler-Schrageter, Cranisacral- Psycho-Therapist, Switzerland

forthcoming dates: Dec 2017, Dec 2018, Dec 2019