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The Long Dance ceremony is a way to join in deep community to dance, sing and pray together for all our relations. It will happen for the 11th year in a large marquee at the edge of the ancient Somerset levels, close to the Earth Spirit Centre in Glastonbury. The ceremony provides a profoundly healing, catalytic and magical space where each individual is encouraged to find their own unique way of expressing their dreams and love for life through the dance. The Movement Medicine teachings are all represented in the Movement Medicine mandala and the ceremony is grounded in these teachings.

It’s an opportunity to spend some time remembering that our own personal wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of the planet, and to dedicate our dance to all our relations, past, present and future. The deeper we dance, the more we directly experience the reality of the interconnected nature of all life. This recognition is not just a blissful experience. It’s a remembering of our responsibility to honour and protect the sanctity of life, each in our own way. This is a give-away ceremony and therefore, participants are required to raise a minimum of £400 for any project or projects they wish to dance for. There is no tuition fee and any monies left over at the end of the event will go entirely towards supporting charitable projects. The Long Dance has so far raised more than £500,000 ($688,000) for a whole host of magnificent projects. Our central project is to support the Pachamama Alliance, an organisation called into being by the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon to protect the forest and to change the ‘dream of the North.’ Our ceremony in 2020 will once again be honoured by the visit of Manari Ushigua, the leader of the Sapara Nation of the Amazon.

In order to participate in the Long Dance, you must have either worked with Ya’Acov and Susannah before or be recommended by someone who is known to them. In all cases, participation is by application.

An amazing human experience which allows you to travel into different energy levels through music and movement, and connect with yourself, what is around you (human and not human), the present and the past. A rich experience that shows you that EVERYTHING is nearly possible. … But above all a meeting of incredible human beings and the contact with all our hearts!!! This experience is full of love.Ceccherini Francesco, Switzerland
A coming together of people who want to dance for Life, not just their own, but those of all our relatives, including the animal and plant kingdoms. A Ceremonial immersion into the world of music, dance, and prayer… an experiment at being communal and tribal for us western individualists.Jan Lee, Greece
It’s a prayer that can bring you clear sight, visions, healing, awareness and courage to take further steps in your life toward the unseen beauty and dreams you have! … Raising money for charities was a great gift for me – it expanded my view of importance to care for others, to see what I can give – on a different level! Really moved by it.Suzana Grau, Slovenia
It is a 72 hour dance ceremony, a dance prayer for your own life, for the lives of your close ones and for the lives of all our relations. It is a prayer and give away, so you are also asked to raise money as a manifestation of the give away for a project that supports a better life on this Earth for all of us in connection with the heart and Nature and Divine. To be part of it is to be a part of an amazing circle that dances, sings, prays together, which connects you with yourself in such a deep way that you start to feel the ancient wisdom and love of life in the depth of your own heart and you want to share it and live it every day of your life and you feel the support and inspiration to really do it, to materialize it.Katerina Stejskalova, Czech Republic
I was particularly impressed by the quality of the presence of both Ya’acov and Susannah, and their sheer integrity. That made the whole process extremely safe. I met amazing people on this journey and got to taste the magic of what we call the collective unconscious. The live music, the drumming and the grounding presence of shamans made the experience powerful. Dancing and fasting for about 72 hours were empowering to say the least and brought lots of insights. Funnily enough the challenge for me was to sing as I feel shy …but with the support of the group I even found pleasure in it!Muriel, 2019

Here you can downlod the:LongDanceApplication-Form-2021-

forthCOMING DATES: 16-22 July 2021, Sommerset, UK


For millennia, Shamans have explored subtle realities and co-existing landscapes for answers to questions and healings. If you’re planning to take one of these journeys, then you’d better make sure that you have an expert guide with you. Ya’Acov Darling Khan is such a guide. A familiar traveller in these worlds, you’ll be safely guided by his unseen hand. There and back – bolder and wiser.Muriel, 2019



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