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Menopause the Great Awakener

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Menopause is a holy initiation, a pause in ‘normal life’ that catapults you into an unknown territory. What you may not know is that there is a meaningful process at work – an inner orchestration that is exquisitely designed to deliver you home to your true self.
The deep truth is menopause is a moment of powerful awakening.

‘Menopause: The Great Awakener’ course is now live – with contribution from Susannah Darling Khan.  Members of the Movement Medicine community can benefit from a 10% reduction off the price of the course using the code SOMM or by clicking this link.

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More about the course here:

The brilliance of menopause has become subsumed in a culture in denial of cyclical life. A culture obsessed with constant production, consumption, growth and doing. Menopause interrupts the current cultural momentum and as such is often portrayed as a problem. A looming disaster. Something to be endured. Many women find themselves blindly navigating their way through this transition, feeling lost, mad and dismissed. They have been cast outside of a dignified holding and respect for this rite of passage that is, in fact, significant to the whole community.

Menopause is an initiation, an adventure in spiritual maturation, that could deliver you to a place of great meaning and power, a sense of inner coherence and belonging, and dare we say, Union.
Yes, a deep spiritual fulfilment – a sense of connection to and serving something Greater. This event reveals the spiritual truth of menopause – it’s a restoration of its deep spiritual meaning, the true story that is trying to happen regardless of whether you are connected to it or not.

We warmly invite you to join us for this course. Together we will call up the spiritual significance and healing power of menopause through our teachings and exercises, your individual stories and experiences, and so discover its power to awaken us to ourselves and our responsibility to Life.

Menopause can be a homecoming, a feeling of at last recognising who you are and having the kindness and strength of heart to finally receive and anoint yourself as OK. That is the liberating power of menopause.