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Movement Medicine Community Mosaic

See below for the Mosaic itself!

What is the Mosaic for?

mandala3The Movement Medicine Community Mosaic is a way of us Movement Medicine dancers becoming visible to each other, to connect with each other. We hope this tool allows you to find people with mutual interests and focuses and through this amplifies the ways in which we can support each other and our offerings in the world. Viva co-creation!

How does it work?

The Mosaic is a rainbow image of the mandala created by Rosie Perks. Thank you Rosie! Each new entry of a pictogram (picture plus words) fills in another pixel of the mandala in full colour. It is matched by the computer to the nearest colour pixel of the mandala, and will be placed there. Once you have uploaded your pictogram, use the “-” button to zoom out, or/and you can see where “you” are by looking at the orientation map which is on the top left side, just under the HERE I AM button.

How do I use it?

In order to see the mosaic, zoom around and in and out to see the pictograms (pictures plus words) which are already there. Or search using key words. To upload your own, click on “HERE I AM” and follow instructions.

It’s a pilot, please help!

This Mosaic is a pilot for the mosaic tool to be made available to other communities and campaign groups worldwide to support the community, resilience, sustainability and peace through allowing us citizens of the world to become visible to each other, to make connections and grow in solidarity with and for life on earth. This is a pilot, so your feedback and help is wanted and needed. If you have an comments, please write to Susannah c/o Roland.

The story

This project grows out of a vision Susannah had in 2010 which was originally called “6 Billion Reasons”. She was lucky to be teemed up by Nick Hart Williams with Peter Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi who took 6 Billion Reasons under their wing and, along with great artistic and skilled input from Rosie Perks, realised it as the Mosaic Earth. Anuradha and Peter are cutting edge creative people committed to using media technology to support and empower global and local citizenship. They started the organisations One World and One Climate, and when they recently retired, they brought the Mosaic Earth with them, now it is based at Hedgerely Wood Trust, their charity committed to global empathy. Ken Kitson is the visionary techno magician who has brought this to life, and is still working on it in his spare time. A huge “thank you!” to Ken, Anuradha and Peter. For more of the back story click here. I hope you enjoy using it and that it brings more good things to life.


The School of Movement Medicine Community Mosaic is available to registered and logged in members only.