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The Centre

ecstatice_dance_centreAt the centre of our medicine wheel sits the Phoenix, the symbol of life, death and rebirth which is central to the creative process. Movement Medicine works with the transformational medicine of the Phoenix because we have experienced and have faith in the power that anybody and everybody has to transform suffering into wisdom, creativity and possibility. Our work has enabled thousands of people to come to terms with the past, arrive in the present and wake up their passion to create the future. Movement Medicine offers a pathway through the initiatory journey of transformation towards being a responsible, articulate, passionate, creative and imaginative human being.

The Tree of life, (whose roots are symbolised by the 5 circles at the bottom and whose branches are symbolised by the 9 circles at the top), is an ancient symbol. It represents nature and our place in it, it also depicts the shamanic journey through lower, middle and upper world that is found in cultures worldwide. We see this central energy as being the force of attraction between opposites that creates the conditions for life in this universe. For that reason, we sometimes call it love. It is also the silence, the void and the emptiness from which all manifestation arises and to which it returns. It is the place of digestion, rest and all potential. It is spirit. It is the Divine and it is the ten thousand other names we have for the ineffable presence of the Great Mystery.