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The Nine Gateways

In Movement Medicine we work with 9 Gateways to the soul. Each of these Gateways reflects an aspect of being human. Whether or not we are conscious of them, we all have to navigate these 9 aspects of life. The 9 Gateways path brings these aspects into consciousness and gives us keys to doing the work of awakening the potential of the soul.

The 9 Gateways are divided into three journeys, each containing three gateways.
Journey 1: Body • Heart • Mind
Journey 2: Past • Present • Future
Journey 3: Fulfillment • Interconnection • Realisation

There are gateways and qualities where we are at home and have strong roots, and others where our connection is weak, or ‘thin.’ As our practise deepens, we can identify these strengths and weaknesses, and we then have the exciting opportunity to explore them, to grow, and to develop more balance. Our more introductory work tends to focus on the first three gateways in order to give all students a solid grounding. Having said that, the 9 Gateways map is present throughout our work.

body-elementsJourney 1: Body • Heart • Mind

The first three gateways are Body, Heart and Mind.
It is the alignment of body, heart and mind that creates the presence and personal power from which strong intention emerges.

past-present-elementsJourney 2: Past • Present • Future

The second three gateways are Past, Present and Future.
Honouring and transforming the past, and taking full responsibility for our lives in the present, creates the ground from which we can to co-create and take care of the future.

love-elementsJourney 3: Fulfillment • Interconnection • Realisation

The final trilogy of gateways are Fulfillment, Interconnection & Realisation.
Fulfillment means to bring the gifts we each have into full manifestation. The direct experience of the interconnection of all of life results in the overwhelming wish to contribute everything we have in gratitude for the life we are being given. And the realisation of our true natures as human beings as manifestations of Divine Love is perhaps the deepest fulfillment a human being can find.