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The Movement Medicine Path

For those people who feel drawn to deepen their practice, we invite them to journey with us on the Movement Medicine Path.

The Movement Medicine mandala is a map of transformation, pointing the way towards a life of fulfillment, interconnection and realisation – what we call a full-spectrum life. A detailed description of the full mandala is available on the Curriculum pages.


The nine circles along the top of the mandala represent 9 Gateways: Body, Heart, Mind, Past, Present, Future, Fulfilment, Interconnection, Realisation. The Movement Medicine Path supports us to bring these nine aspects into conscious awareness and expression, with the intention to awaken the creative power within us.

The 9 Gateways are divided into three journeys, each journey has a specific focus. The Movement Medicine Path is designed to take you, step by step, through all three journeys so that you arrive fully in the place where you are living the dreams that dance in your heart. Some choose to go further and study to become Movement Medicine Professionals.

Journey Gateways Intent
The Journey of Empowerment Body
Embodiment of consciousness through awakening and aligning kinaesthetic, emotional & mental intelligence in order to create strong foundations for the journey ahead.  It is the alignment of body, heart and mind that creates the presence and personal power from which strong intention emerges.
The Journey of Responsibility Past
Transforming the past into a source of strength, wisdom, and inspiration for conscious living in the present. Our state of being, actions and thoughts are a significant part of what creates the future for ourselves, our families, our communities and for the generations that will follow.
Re-Creation (includes The SEER Process)
• The Movement Medicine Vision Quest
The Phoenix Retreat
The Summer Long Dance
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Harvest Fulfillment
Fulfillment means to bring the gifts we each have into full manifestation. The direct experience of the interconnection of all of life results in the overwhelming wish to contribute everything we have in gratitude for the life we are being given. And the realisation that we are one with the source of creation is perhaps the deepest fulfillment a human being can find.