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Why Dance?

• dance for fun
• dance for health
• dance for change
• dance for love
• dance for joy
• dance for life
• dance for the love of music


Dance connects us with our bodies, hearts and minds and with each other. The freedom of dance shatters the binds of “should” and “shouldn’ts” that squeeze the juice from life. As an active meditation, dance cuts through the noise of the mind. It helps us to find a sense of peace and a greater connection to the highest place of our own inspiration.

Movement as Meditation

Through our dance practice, our patterns come to light and by becoming conscious of them, we can begin to explore new possibilities. The life of the dance starts to inform the dance of our life.

It’s where movement, meditation and energy converge. And movement becomes medicine.

What Can You Expect from Movement Medicine Practice?

• Support to find your own free dance.
• Support to find the confidence to be yourself, to communicate, to enjoy relating, giving and receiving.
• A friendly, safe, non-judgmental welcoming atmosphere, no matter what your age, background, dance experience, culture, appearance or experience.
• A healthier body, heart, mind and connection to your soul.
• An inspiring blend of great music and clear teaching to support your journey