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What is Movement Medicine?

MOVEMENT: noun – activity, impulse, a change or development

MEDICINE: noun – in tribal societies, a curative power

MOVEMENT MEDICINE is a body based movement practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart, the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life.

Movement Medicine will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and the integrity and guidance of your own embodied soul.

The Gift of Movement

Movement Medicine is for anyone and everyone who wants to wake up, discover more of their creative potential, dance further than the mind can go, find community in a way that doesn’t require giving up individuality and find the courage to make your own unique contribution. In short, it’s for anyone who wants to include dance as a way to freedom, mindfulness, somatic awareness and fulfilment.


Movement Medicine is dance for our times. It gives us direct, embodied experience of the dance of life that’s going on inside us and all round us. As a species, we face enormous challenges right now that require us to be as creative as we can be as individuals and as a species. We need to adapt to evolve and dance teaches us to move with life. Movement Medicine reconnects us, deepening our capacity for empathy and compassionate being and action.

Since pre-history, dance, song and dance-based ceremony have played an important role in the human community. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this inheritance. It marries ancient and modern wisdom, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your own potential in co-creative community.

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