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Cherish Everything, Change, New Music and Celebration! – 2018 May

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Music Medicine has a new woman at its centre, as Emily Pearce, who has been tenderly and beautifully tending the shop for the last year, is passing the baton to Claire Taylor, whose beautiful upcycled clothes, cherish everything, will be familiar to those of you who’ve been to our ‘Shop Nights’ during Movement Medicine intensives at Rill. Thank you so much Emily. I, and I’m sure all our customers who you’ve taken such great care of, wish you very well in your next steps.

And a big welcome to Claire!
Besides her many other gifts, Claire takes care of and alters our clothes. My ‘wounded healer dress’ is one of the many garments Claire has lovingly tended for many years. So, in the spirit of sustainability and (in line with Claire’s beautiful words and website) of cherishing everything: if you come for an intensive at Rill, you can bring clothes and ask Claire to mend, repair or alter, give them to her on the first night, and she will bring them back at the end.

And, we have new music to share:
New albums:
Sarah Patterson’s BuddhaSongs
This is strong and original work in which Sarah makes a unique alchemical integration of her deeply immersed Tibetan Buddhist devotional voice with the joy of her own heritage of the song style of musicals. I predict that you’ll either totally love this, or you won’t get it at all. And if you get it, as I have, it will infuse your being. This is a deeply joyous and incredibly well done work. The songs develop from quiet beginnings to soar in unexpected ways that simply work magic in my heart.

Susie Ro’s Song of a Thousand Leaves is another beauty…. Wow… When we played the track Creatures of the Deep at the last Movement Medicine ceremony, the room burst into song, tears of prayer, and dances to the water and the whales. Susie’s work rocks with tender, musical love and wonderful grooves. And check out the music medicine FB page for her ‘wow’ music video. She’s on tour in the UK, don’t miss it! Information below…

If you haven’t yet got Susannah’s new instructional MP3 album Life Grooves, with Stef Vink, Volker Kaczinski and Ya’Acov, we recommend it – it’s a great support for joyous home practice. We are finding ourselves using the instrumental versions a lot in our teaching. If you’ve been on our dance floors recently, you’ll recognise them.

Ya’Acov’s new CD of guided meditations is enroute… It’s exquisite and includes tracks for waking up (a shamanic ‘alarm’) and going to sleep. We drummed together to create the base for all the tracks, and watching and hearing Ya’Acov lay down the other layers was impressive. When Ya’Acov was recording the guiding voice, the engineer wanted to see the script he presumed Ya’Acov was reading from, and when he discovered there was none, and this guy was speaking ad lib in this deep poetry of presence and clarity, I watched his mind do somersaults as he had to contemplate the seemingly impossible appearing in front of him. He met that beautifully. I’m sure you will too!

And a big celebration, please help us celebrate and share the news:
Please see and share our little video! THANK YOU all!

If you don’t want to go to Facebook, it’s also on the Music Medicine website homepage,


Susannah Darling Khan