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New Music Medicine Shop! – September 2016

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Letting go of the old, making space for the new. The old Movement Medicine Shop is passing on the baton to ‘Music Medicine’. I hope you enjoy the new look as well as the new music, books and information.

We welcome you to our new online shop:

I want to thank Simon Osborn ( for his work to create this site and Martin Arp for his great care and ability in transferring all the information from the old shop into this one. And I want to thank Rosie Perks for her beautiful work over the many years on the old Movement Medicine Shop, and getting Simon on board all those years ago. Rosie’s Movement Medicine teaching is blossoming as well as her ongoing graphic design- all blessings!   Look out for new music by Lua Maria, Ayla Schafer, and Lawrence Kelson, a wonderful new book about being a catalyst for change called “Parachuting Cats into Borneo” and our incredible new copal incense. Music-Medicine supports the Pachamama Alliance and we hope you will enjoy knowing that all your purchases are supporting it.