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Opportunities for Practice, Participation and Learning – 2018 February

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Having just returned from our Amazon-Journey, we are starting our new year with many exciting dances and co-creations awaiting. Here is a short article from both of us, to share with you about our work, including some information and inspiration of how to stay in touch with the Movement Medicine community and how to keep practising and expanding in your personal practice.

There is the growing programme and calenders of the School of Movement Medicine, and there is the Movement Medicine Association a wonderful site that features teachers who have trained with us. This is a good place to see what local teachers may offer, to practice and to stay in touch with the community.

Then there is our new Online Course is available, and we recommend it for anyone interested in grounding and extending their awareness and practice of Movement Medicine, Engaged Shamanism, and waking up into the inter-connective reality of our universe, starting with the elements. You can take it any time and do the modules in your own sweet time, and connect with others also doing the course on FB. It’s been such a pleasure to work with film maker Emilio Mula and his powerful, funky, fun, and beautiful approach to using film to inspire. As teachers, it’s a pleasure to be able to share a concept verbally and energetically, and then see Emilio’s translation of it into animations and other visuals. I think that anyone who does or is interested in Movement Medicine will benefit from the information and personal practise available in this course, there is so much that we never have time to share in a normal workshop environment.

The Webinars are also an easy, convenient and fun way to integrate some dance practice into your daily life. They offer the experience of a live Movement Medicine Webinar (online) wherever you are travelling, at home or as a gathering with others of your local community for a shared dance. There is a Webinar scheduled roughly once a month, facilitated by us, Susannah or Ya’Acov, and by the faculty teachers. This gives the webinar-participants the opportunity to experience different teachers of Movement Medicine. A package of 10 live Webinar sessions is currently availableat a special of £25. For more information about the webinars  see Roland’s article.

And yet another option for home practice is Susannah’s latest album, Life Grooves (with Susannah, Ya’Acov on drums, Stef Vink on keyboard and Volker Kaczinski drum programming and producing). It has four guided tracks to support you in greeting the day, ending the day, awakening the dancer and doing some basic MESA Practice (micro-medio-macro). Some people had some problems downloading it, so we’ve split the album into two halves now: the guided meditations and the instrumental versions, so that neither is so big. Any problems please let us know at the shop and we’ll find a way to sort it for you.

Ya’Acov’s book is doing really well and is available as paperback, kindle edition or audio book with Ya’Acov himself reading. Plans are afoot for an oracle pack based the Movement Medicine mandala (super exciting) and Ya’Acov’s plans to start writing his next book in the summer.

Manari will, we hope, be with us at the Long Dance again this year. And we hope you will consider participating in this highlight of our Movement Medicine year. You can be part of this Movement Medicine ceremony in gratitude to life whether or not you physically come and dance, by going full power into your movement meditation, your aligned action in life and your fundraising. Whether or not you choose the Pachamama Alliance as your charity or non-profit organisation to raise money for, let’s make this year the best year yet for supporting organisations who are working for the evolution of a sustainable, socially just and fulfilling human presence on this planet. The power of our prayers lifts to another level when it is matched and underscored by our action on the material level: ‘as above, so below.’

And for anyone who is interested in participating our next Journey to the Amazon, it is likely to be early in 2020. We’ll let you know when we have dates. This journey is for those on the twin path of inner and outer transformation. This means those who are both involved, connected and self-responsible in terms of their own personal inner journey and involved, connected and active in terms of the bigger picture and who are ready to go to the forest to show up as allies for and with the forest and its people.

Be well, and thanks for your attention! Enjoy!

Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan