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Out from hiding

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I’ve been making music for years, since a workshop in Bristol sometime in the 1990’s, when I first worked with a live band to make music for the dance. The dynamic mutual listening circuit between musicians and dancers, with me at the crossing over point was so magical. I knew we could go anywhere, as the musicians matched and met what was in the field, guided by my vibrational sensing, and the dancers followed the music. What this is like,. as a dancer, not juts to follow, but to be followed too. This yin and yang of giving and receiving, leading and following led to a quality of ecstatic surrender. I wonder if anyone reading this was there? It was a converted swimming pool in Bristol. And we swam!

As a result of that the first album was born “Party for God” (just come out on Spotify etc) and, hard work as it was, I discovered I loved the process of creating music, and I’ve been honoured by the musicians who have worked with me, over the years, to create this music as medicine. Over the years, the albums kept popping out. And I’ve sold them in workshops and through our little online shop, Music Medicine.

As the world changed and digital music grew to take the place of CDs, I moved with it and made my back catalogue available digitally. But only through my own little tiny online shop. When, a year or so ago, my god daughter, the brilliant songstress Lua Maria Behrens, told me that I really should put my music on a global platform, I was astonished to recognise that it hadn’t ever even crossed my mind as a possibility. What was it? What was the hidden unexamined assumption there? Was it that I thought of my music as too specialist or not “good enough”? I don’t think it was either of those things, though I can feel echoes of them. As far as I’ve understood it,. its the feeling of to quite belonging in the world, in the mainstream world. Anyway, I’m doing it, and working through my techno-fears to get all my music out on a global digital platform. I thank Lua for giving me such a gentle generous nudge to wake up!

I start with this one, All the Earth is Sacred, because it is the first one that is spreading organically – when I saw that it was being listened to by someone in Indonesia, I was so excited!

By the way, the online Music Medicine shop will be closing at the end of the year, so if you do want a CD or a book, now is the time! Enjoy!

And wishing you all courage in bringing out your goodness and the dreams that reside in you, to share with the world, with Love, Susannah