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Spirit of the Dancing Heart

a movement medicine journey of vibrancy & courage through the heart

with Rosie Perks & Ben Yeger


How can we welcome, with curiosity the full spectrum of our hearts?
How do we move with what is true in our hearts and still keep on going?
How can we deepen our understanding of the medicine of fear, conflict and grief so that we can authentically surrender, welcome our joy and gratitude and live life with grace and compassion?

Big questions call for deep and careful work. We will draw upon the map of the Movement Medicine Chambers of the Heart to navigate this rich and sometimes rocky terrain. Giving particular attention to grief and conflict as gateways to more understanding of our humanity, harnessing their vital life energy so they become our trusted allies. We will invite the Wise Elder, the Dancing Warrior and the Fool to support us to accept our condition as it is, have a cheeky chuckle as we do, relax into our next steps and take them with courage and authenticity.
This journey, complete in itself, is also an introduction to the 5 day intensive in April in which we will deepen our understanding of conflict and grief as a resource for life.

Forthcoming dates:


This could be a good time… – June 2018
Spirited Heart Friendship – February 2017
Honouring and Owning Our Pain for the World – December 2017