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Stay well, stay connected – March/April 2020

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By Susannah and Ya’Acov
Hello all, we’re sending this through the newsletter as many people told us that the email that was sent earlier in the week didn’t land with them. As well as that, there were some errors. Apologies! So, if you’ve already read this, please just check the dates and details and move on.

What a moment we are living in. Beyond the natural fear of the unknown, and of course, with awareness and daily for those who are suffering in our world, we feel this time as a genuine opportunity to wake up a little more together. Tectonic plates are shifting under all of our feet. We’re quite sure you noticed. 

Now more than ever, we find we are needing our practice to help us remain in connection with the ground and to our own creativity.  Here we are, moving our medicine and reaching out to you to send you our love and to give you news about our new offering.

 News about the launch of 21 Gratitudes – The Movement Medicine Study Hub

As we’ve been responding to the pandemic we’ve been offering free Movement Medicine webinars. This does not mean that the membership site has started. We’d like to clarify: 

The Movement Medicine Study Hub opens registration for membership 10th -17th April. More details below. 

21 Gratitudes is the umbrella under which all of our online work will be available. This includes the free webinars, the pay as you go events, online courses AND the Study Hub. 

As you know, before this crisis began, we’d been busy developing our online Movement Medicine Study Hub. The Study Hub offers a step by step, coherent in-depth embodied learning opportunity in the art of Movement as Medicine to support both your movement practice and the rest of your life. It will provide a weekly pulse of input for members. These include international community practice webinars, a step by step (in bite-sized chunks) study of and journey through the 21 stations of the MM mandala as they apply to you and your life and morning or evening drumming prayers with Ya’Acov and/or Susannah. There will be different ways to give and receive support with other members of the Study Hub community as we journey together. 

We want to strengthen the possibilities of online interconnectivity and learning and offer you resources to face and make the most of these times and whatever will follow with as much creativity, ground and support as possible. 

We see the Study Hub as relevant both for people new to Movement Medicine and for experienced dancers to whom it will offer new ways to learn, understand, share, connect and practice.

We are excited by what the membership site offers in terms of new ways of us teaching. If you are feeling the call to become a founding member of 21 Gratitudes (and we hope you are) you will have the chance to play a role in shaping the vibration of what we sense will become a beautiful, strong, mutually supportive global community of movers and shakers. 

Cost and Affordability in times of change

In the light of the current changed economic situation, we have radically adjusted our price structure. All percentage discounts will now be replaced by a sliding scale based on trust (from £7 – £21 per month or £70 – £210 per year). We want to make this offering affordable to as wide a range of people as possible. If you haven’t already, you can sign up now for the waitlist and we’ll remind you when the gates open. For those of you who had already signed up to the wait list and received your discounts, we trust you will understand our reasons for changing the price structure now. Please feel free, once the gates open (dates below) to select the amount that reflects your % discount if you wish. 

Here are the key dates to put in your calendar. More information at 

10th April 2020: Registration and Payment Gateway Opens 

17th April 2020: Registration and Payment Gateway Closes 

18th April 2020: 21 Gratitudes Opening Ceremony

Do make a note of these dates as the doors will only be open for one week, after which the doors will close and the study hub teachings will begin. To receive information about these events, don’t forget to sign up for the waitlist at

We pray that you and your families are well, and we look forward to connecting with you and continuing our journey together over the coming weeks and months. With our love and respect, 

21 Gratitudes to YOU. Ya’Acov & Susannah. xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx