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Susannah’s Journey – June 2019

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By Susannah

Dear all,

As I write this it is mid-summer solstice and we are in the middle of 6 Graduation panels. A graduation panel is the deep meeting of seeing, challenge and support that we enter into with all our Movement Medicine professionals who get to the stage of Graduation. We do not make this process easy.

They have all committed to a high level of self-reflection, ongoing learning, supervision and written work to get to this point. And I am very proud of what I see: the flourishing of these individuals and their gifts for and as part of this world. And I see and celebrate the evolution of Movement Medicine within diverse contexts, with a consistent standard of good leadership that embraces a depth of service, self-care and self-responsibility. The more I learn, the more I love Movement Medicine; its basis and also how it is growing and evolving, held in the hands of many including ourselves.

I am going on growing into this new phase of my life with great joy. Staying home more, falling ever deeper in love with my incredible man. I am so grateful for what is flowering between us. Watch out for Mr and Mrs Darling Khan(!)

And I am falling into love with this land; what an astonishing privilege to be in a mutually beneficial relationship with the flowering of this piece of earth.

I am loving researching and writing my book about the science and experience of Movement Medicine. I’m being touched and inspired by learning more about our nervous systems and the polyvagal theory in theory and practice; with myself, with the people I work with and with my mirror-master Exmoor ponies. This information makes an astonishingly profound difference to almost everything. It’s affecting how I teach, and the results of that, how I work with my ponies, how I meet people, how I understand what is happening. I’m excited to go on sharing this and how it fits with Movement Medicine and can enhance it further, in my book, in my workshops and in CPD with our wonderful Movement Medicine professionals.

I am committed to sharing and passing on what I have learnt (and what I am learning) in the service of life on earth at the same time as receiving and relishing the life I live in its full beauty and depth. As I get older and begin, more clearly, to see my own death on the horizon, I recognise on another level the poignant miracle of life itself. And on a collective level too, this poignancy is there with climate change and bio-diversity loss and the great unknown and challenge we have chosen for ourselves and this planet as a species. I offer my love and my work as support for people to wake up (gently and as fast as is possible) into feeling it; the love and the loss, the beauty and the pain, so that we can take effective action, together. I think “together” is the operative word. Which does not mean in conformity, but as individuals, together.

Our offering is evolving and you will hear more from us soon about our online offerings, as we seek to make these transformative teachings accessible to a wider audience, and to support the integration of those who come to workshops.

After this next Apprenticeship (AP7), we are passing the baton of Movement Medicine Apprenticeships over to a new generation of teachers. We remain committed to our Apprentices and to the growing of Movement Medicine professionals and will continue to run Apprenticeship gatherings, electives, CPD modules and Movement Medicine Professional Trainings.

And, I have a request for my book! If you have any personal experience to share about how learning about and practicing interception has affected you and your life, please write to me via Roland. Short is good, maximum 400 words. If you can supply your name, profession and age, and what your experience of Movement Medicine is (or wherever you learnt about interoception) that would be wonderful. Thank you!

If you wish to see my latest webinar that is a movement based enquiry into a how it is to be alive right now, in this moment of (amongst many other things) Extinction Rebellion, Great Thunberg, David Attenborough and climate change awakening, you will need to sign up for the webinar series.  There is a great offer on for these till the end of July. Please go to:

And, if you have not yet seen this; you might enjoy!


With love and thanks, Susannah Darling Khan