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Inner and Outer Worlds, New Horizons – February 2017

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I’d love to write about something other than how I feel the Trump effect playing in my inner and outer world (and I will, below!), but this feels like such a massive “wake up!” moment that I want to speak about it first. I’m feeling revolutions happening inside as we leave the map of the known world.

I can feel the part of me which wants to bury my head and shut my eyes and say “Not now! I don’t want to know or be bothered by this apparent absurdity. I’ve got other and much more beautiful things I want to focus on.” This part of me feels overwhelmed by the horror of seeing world politics accelerating it’s tragic show of hate, lies, separation, violence and environmental destruction. I’m aware of not quite knowing how to orientate, and finding it difficult to believe this is real. And I guess I’m not the only one. So much has happened with such speed and determination (environmentally, legally and refugee wise) that it’s hard to keep up let alone find appropriate responses. I feel as if the post-war consensus I have lived within since I was born has dissolved with Brexit and Trump, and this changed world looks quite different. Things I have taken for granted all my life have become memories as I realise how privileged we have been by the work and determination of the generations before us.

And I can feel my determination, along with many others, to open my eyes, feel my heart, take responsibility for my response and stand up together connected with life and fellow citizens of earth. That may be the gift of these times, to bring the motivation to finally bring together into joint action people who believe in social justice, environmental sustainability and spiritual growth. And the reverse may also be true. I can see both happening; both the scattering, chaos, confusion, disbelief and “shut down” and the formation of new and diverse and creative alliances. In this context new and old ways of coming together, connecting into the co-creative strength of prayer, action and standing and dancing for life seem more important than ever. I’m happy Movement Medicine already exists. If it didn’t we’d have even more to do right now!

The “resource grab” going on looks more and more like a desperate scramble for the last goodies. The forces ranged on the side of the grabbing are fuelled by the consumer society which I am part of. Our economics is grounded in the assumption of ever increasing production and consumption, so what hope is there that there can be radical change without massive breakdown first? Are we going to make it, as a species? I really don’t know. Once again I am given orientation through the wisdom of a true elder: Joanna Macy. She reminds us that sunsets can be as beautiful as sunrises, and speaks of the choice we always have to choose love and respect for life. If we are going down, let’s bring as much love, awareness, beauty and creativity to it as we can. And we are not there yet. To paraphrase Bill Twist of the Pachamama Alliance: “The future is not just something (pre-ordained) that we live into. It depends, in part, on us and the choices we make. We are part of dreaming the future in”.


Winter Dream Dance

Which leads me to the new horizons in Movement Medicine. First of all, I want to tell you about the Winter Dream Dance. This was the first year of the new, more flexible apprenticeship module, in which apprentices don’t have to do all the modules within the same time zone, “older” apprentices can return and join any Apprenticeship module, and in which the Winter Dream Dance is held within the “Immersion” module of the Apprenticeship. The Winter Dream Dance is a deep ceremonial space open to all Apprentices. It’s a space to dream, to enquire, to reflect, to nourish your roots. It also strengthens the inter-connections between the Movement Medicine apprenticeship community. It’s the moon to the sun of the expansive Summer Long Dance

Naturally apprentices from Apprenticeships 1, 2 and 3 may have wondered how it would be to join the AP4s in the middle of their “Immersion” module. Nevertheless 13 of them came. I was touched, impressed, awed and grateful to witness the ongoing growth and maturation of those who have been teaching for a while. They fed the ceremony with such a diversity of depth, wisdom and beauty. And then the AP4s, bringing their bright, alive commitment and awakeness. It reminded me of the metaphor of the difference between heaven and hell. In both realms there are tables laid out with a sumptuous feast. In hell the people are starving because the people can only eat with 4 ft long chopsticks and they cannot get the food in to their mouths. In heaven, same scene, same rules, but the people feed each other with their 4 ft long chopsticks. In this ceremony there was so much mutual giving and receiving and nourishing. I feel we all grew. There was such richness in the different cohorts of Apprentices meeting and working alongside each other, the “black belts” and “white belts” practising alongside each other and everyone being fed by it. Thank you all! If you are not an Apprentice and are interested in this level of our work, the next round opens in October this year with the gateway module: Intention. Applications must be in by March 13th 2017. 

Re-Source Life Lab

I’d also like to introduce you to a whole new concept. It’s called Re-Source Life Lab. I have been reflecting on the effects of MM practice as I see it transforming people who do it long term. One component that makes a real difference is practice. Making new habits in daily life. Mark Metz of Conscious Dance magazine did in an interview with Ya’Acov. He reminded us that there are 7 Billion people in this world, very few of whom have never heard of conscious movement practice, and many of whom live dis-embodied lives separated from the joy and resources that come from being consciously in your body. So, I’ve created a new kind of weekend workshop called Re-Source Life Lab, in which as well as deep dancing, we will learn simple practices you can take away with you to support the qualities of: presence, potency, communication and empathy, gratitude and meaning in your life. The first venue is London. Do come and join this new exploration of the practical life changing power of Movement Medicine. It’s time to get connected, get resourced and make the difference that we can.

Going home to Africa

And I am becoming more and more aware of my upcoming journey to Africa. I lived in Kenya as a child, and when my parents decided to bring us back, recognising that they did not want to be part of a post-colonial continuation of the myth that Europeans were needed to do jobs that Kenyan’s could do, I was grief stricken. Though now I salute my parent’s wisdom and conscientious choices, as a 7 year old, I felt as if I was being wrenched from my home. I vowed I would not go back as a tourist to Kenya, but when I had something meaningful to share. Now, my time has come, and something deep inside me is waking up to embrace this new journey. I am thankful for the people who are organising in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and happy to meet and share movement medicine with all the people who will come and dance. Thank you life, thank you all the organisers who have invited me.

Torch Songs, words and chords.

Torch Songs is going out there beautifully. I’m sorry I have been slow with the words and chords… but they are now available from the Music Medicine online shop. The songs on my last 2 albums (All the Earth is Sacred and Torch Songs) are designed to be sung, danced to as well as listened to. They are invitations to participate in your own healing and empowerment through dancing and singing with them. This is what I call “DanSing!” They are incantations from my heart to yours within the heart of life. Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback about how they have landed with you.

Phil Berthoud

A massive thank-you to the musician Phil Berthoud for sharing his personal story in this month’s newsletter. Phil’s musical light blesses both my last albums, as well as the Winter Dream Dance and the Summer Long Dance. I’m sure you’ll be moved by his article in this newsletter. He is now available for people making music as medicine in many different arenas, not just Movement Medicine. I highly recommend him for his beautiful and versatile musicianship, quality of heart and generosity all round.

Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart

And last but not least, what a journey to be beside Ya’Acov as his book takes final shape. I witness the birth of a powerful, lucid writer. When he reads from this book, there is the kind of hush that only a real and magical storyteller brings. In this time of unmasking, Ya’Acov is standing up strongly with openness about his own journey, his own struggles, trials, learnings and commitment. I hope you will read it. Launch is 6th June 2017. Launch event in London 7th June and live on FB. Do join us! Our main FB page is

Facebook and what is being offered

Also the Movement Medicine FB group continues to be a rich vein of inspiration and sharing. Do come to a webinar, one of our workshops or evenings, or an event created by one of our diverse range of great MM teachers or facilitators who have trained with us. 

I wish you every inner and outer connection, joy and courage to be who you really are in these challenging times,

Love, Susannah Darling Khan


Forthcoming workshops with Susannah:

February 16: Move! Evening, with Susannah, Lausanne, Switzerland.
This introductory event provides the oportunity to get into that body and just dance, express and move for one evening
. Letting the mind drop into the body, our inner dancer will lead the way to free and authentic movement, bringing your whole self into the dance.

February 1719: Arc of Time with Susannah. Aarau, Switzerland.
With Move! Evening on February 17.
In this weekend workshop, we are tracing an arc of time, with body and dance and movement meditation. This arc going back to our rich ancestral heritage, of support and connection, source and learning opportunities, and going forth, through the power of presence, into daring to offer all that we hold inside our selves.
Monika Dittli: +41 078 738 84 70;

March 3-5Movement Medicine Retreat with Susannah. Kenya
This workshop will be a deep introduction to movement medicine practice. We are building a community of conscious dance practice in Kenya so there will opportunities to continue the journey. We will also dance in the Shala and other locations around the conservancy giving us the opportunity to connect with nature.
Contact Sveva:,

March 10–12: Arc of Time with Susannah. Zimbabwe.
In this weekend workshop, we are tracing an arc of time, with body and dance and movement meditation. This arc going back to our rich ancestral heritage, of support and connection, source and learning opportunities, and going forth, through the power of presence, into daring to offer all that we hold inside our selves.
Contact Maaianne:

March 17–19: Ceremony in the City with Susannah. Johannesburg, South Africa
This is an invitation to a dancing vision quest in a city setting. It takes courage and curiosity to dive into the dance of vision, purpose, and the truth of self expression, yet the rewards can appear in the beauty of uniting all of your sources of intelligence, and in the guidance and support present.
Ryan: +27 (0)82 552 0619;

March 24–26: Power of the Heart with Susannah. Cape Town, South Africa.
Exploring the great beauty and power of the heart. Dancing and moving with and from your own heart, identifying it as your personal guide, and learning about and dancing through your full emotional landscape.
Contact Samantha and Chrisna:

April 1416: Re-Source Life Lab with Susannah. London, UK.
In this new workshop, the dancers can discover new possibilities of showing up in this life, and new possibilities of engaging and relating to body, heart and mind, inviting widened awareness and presences within self. The participants will walk (or dance) away with a wide knowledge of new skills around embodiment, and a practical tool kit to be empowered to integrate this into everyday life.
Contact Alex Hanly: +44 (0)7868 842219,