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Torch Songs arrived – September 2016

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One song in my new album is a song Ya’Acov and I wrote in the Amazon rainforest 2 years ago. It’s the first song we ever wrote together. We’d been in the forest for one journey with the Pachamama Alliance, and had come out for a breather before going back in for a personal journey this time with David Tucker from the Pachamama Alliance. I had a little time alone one day, and me and my guitar found a melody and chord sequence that would not let me go. I was singing and singing, and the song was one of love for the spirit of the forest. As sang out my love, simultaneously I felt the forest loving and supporting me. But I couldn’t find any words. Ya’Acov came in some hours later, heard the song, and simply started singing the words that some of you already know so well. The “Force of the Forest” had arrived. Later, around a fire in a hut in an Achuar village, David Tucker translated it into Spanish and the full version was born.

Thanks to the magnificent musicians, singers and a beloved shaman who have graced this music, the songs feel like beautiful birds ready to spread their bright wings and fly. To me they are Torch Songs; songs to light the way in these turbulent and challenging times. I finished my work, ready to hand it over to the young producer who is mixing it ½ an hour before I had to. Yeah!

So “Torch Songs” arrived. It seems fitting that, given this title, there is an inter-generational aspect to this offering. I hope it will be available before Christmas. Do check out our new online shop which has some tasty new offerings for you.

Susannah Darling Khan, September 2016