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Movement Medicine weaves together the exhilaration of free dance, the depth of movement meditation and the spirit of shamanic practice. Movement Medicine brings us into dynamic awareness of both the universe inside ourselves and the universe outside us and helps us live from the whole of our being. It is a way to learn how to experience life more deeply, to empower yourself to be who you really are and to make the unique contribution it is yours to make. It teaches about relationship: relationship with ourselves, each other, the web of life that we are part of and the spirit world.

The 9 Gateways of Movement Medicine are: Body, Heart and Mind; Past, Present and Future; Fulfillment, Interconnection and Realization. They form three axis, which give us orientation at the center of our own circle. This weekend will help you connect any previous experience of conscious dance, mindfulness practice or heart work in a meaningful way with your own sense of purpose, meaning and the dynamic aliveness of your dance. We will nourish our connection with each other and our own hearts with the healing balm and power of shared song.